Inside Look Into How Fast Ripple Is Growing…Despite The SEC Lawsuit!

February 20, 2022 10:03 pm Comments

You’d think that one of the worst things that could happen to you as a startup company would be getting sued by the SEC and having it drag out now going on two years.

But it doesn’t seem to be slowing down Ripple Labs at all.

In fact, their growth only seems to be accelerating.

BakkupBradley posted this Tweet that really puts it all in perspective:

You don’t buy back $321 million worth of #XRP from the secondary market if you think it’s all going to zero, now do you?

Question asked and answered.

And I love how RLP-Pharm.D and the Crypto Trader put it:

No, it sure doesn’t look like a dying company to me either.

And speaking of those job openings, have you ever seen a “dying company” hiring for over 130 positions all at once?

That’s called hyper-growth mode and it’s why so many people are expecting an XRP “God Candle” any time now.

Because this thing is a powder-keg ready to burst higher at the right moment.

From the Ripple Career Page, here are all of the jobs currently open (some really interesting descriptions in here, telling you what’s coming next for the XRPL):

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