Introducing…The First Annual ProCoinNews Awards!

July 17, 2022 5:06 pm Comments

I have something really fun and exciting to announce today.

This actually comes to us via a reader who suggested it and we thought it was such a great idea that it’s now LIVE!

Introducing…the First Annual ProCoinNews Awards!

That’s right, we’re asking for YOUR VOTE to award six ProCoinNews awards.

Six categories, six winners, and each winner gets one of these bad boys:

Those are the real deal, liquid silver finish, they weigh 10 lbs. each, and the winners will receive their physical award in the mail.

I think that will look VERY nice sitting up on a shelf or perhaps in a YouTube video?

Oh and yes it DOES look just like an “X” doesn’t it?

I thought so too.

It takes less than two minutes to vote and we’ll keep voting open through the end of July.  After that, we’ll announce the winners!

It’s entirely free to vote of course, but one vote per person please.

Here’s the link to vote:

Now let’s take a look at the six categories you’ll be voting on:

1: The True Leader of the XRP Army 

I can’t wait to see this one.

We’ve got corporate candidates…

We’ve got YouTubers…

And we’ve got the self-declared leader, Bitboy.  Will he prevail or will he lose to the TRUE leader in the voting?  This is entirely decided by YOU and your voting and I can’t wait to find out!

Oh and for each category there is a write-in option in case your preferred vote is not listed.  Does a black-horse write-in candidate win one of these categories?  Time will tell!

2: Top Twitter Sleuth

The XRP Community above all others has the absolute BEST researchers, digging up old video clips and nuggets of info some particular people probably wish had never resurfaced.

Without the Twitter sleuths, we may never have uncovered and outted the Ethereum Free Pass.

But who’s the Top Sleuth?

Your votes will decide…

3: Best Memes/Satire/Comedy

The XRP is also famous for some of the best Memes out there.

If the SEC case were decided by Meme, it would be over by now.

So who’s the top Memer, Satirist or Comedy Cool Guy?  Drop your vote!

4: Top XRP Lawyer

The XRP Community has also attracted some of the tap talents in the legal community.

We have official legal counsel at Ripple Labs (hat tip, Stu) but we also have many community lawyers leading the charge.

Who’s the top in your book?

5: Favorite XRP YouTuber

This is the largest category of them all…and perhaps the origin of everything else: the XRP YouTube community.

I’ve personally got several saved in my bookmarks, but who’s your go-to?

When you open your phone in the morning and you’ve got new videos from 5 different channels, which is the one you always listen to first?

Give that man (or lady) a vote and let’s see if they pull out the win!

One comment here: Yes, ProCoinNews is the proud sponsor of the Digital Asset Investor Hunting & Fishing Club, but these awards are entirely driven by your votes.  So yes, he’s eligible.  Just in case anyone was wondering.

6: Biggest Crypto Villain

And we end with perhaps my favorite category of all…the biggest villain in all of crypto.

Of course the infamous Gary Gensler (or Kim Jong Gensler as MoonLambo calls him) is a top choice, but he may not win.

Don’t forget, Jay Clayton filed the SEC Lawsuit.

And what about Bill Hinman and his ETH Free Pass speech?

How about Joe Lubin and his elbow?

Or maybe you go a different route and you look at slippery Jed McCaleb and his TacoStand wallet sales?

If enough voters had large holdings on Celsius, I fear Alex Mashinsky may win this one…

I can’t wait to see who gets this award, and YES we will be mailing the award to the “winner”.  Whether they appreciate the value in it is not up to us, but they will receive it in the mail and I only wish I could be a fly on the wall when they open the box.


So there you have it….

I’m so excited to finally launch this and I can’t wait to see the votes roll in.

Please Like, Share and RT this article online so we can get more votes.

If you’re a candidate for a certain category, please share!  No, it is not agains the rules to engage your audience to vote for you…that’s what this is all about.  Who is the best of the best?  Who will claim the crown?  All is fair in love and war and ProCoinNews Awards (except bots or multiple voting please).

Tap here to cast your votes:

Good luck to everyone!

Results will be posted in two weeks.


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