Is David Schwartz Satoshi? @JoelKatz Responds!

December 7, 2021 9:43 pm Comments

Today is a day that I will LONG remember…

A few days ago we wrote an article about all the reasons why a whole lot of people think @JoelKatz (David Schwartz) could very well be Satoshi Nakamoto.

It’s actually a very compelling story if you’ve never heard it — I’ll copy the original article down below.

But here’s where the story gets really good.

We posted this Tweet earlier this morning…

….and @JoelKatz himself responded!

To us!

From a boat…

In the middle of the ocean…

Near the Antarctic….

While checking out Emperor penguins!

A true honor right here:

Ok, so after going full on fanboy and freaking out a bit, then I had a blast actually reading his messages….yes plural.

They are incredibly interesting, let’s take a look….

First is the one copied above.

You can tell the brilliance of his mind, he is having a blast teasing the idea that he could very well be Satoshi, before claiming he isn’t.

Next is all credit to @XRPL424R on Twitter who elicited this exchange:


“If you were Satoshi, would you tell us?”

“To be honest, I wouldn’t.”

Oh man, he is having an absolute blast with these replies!

One of the most brilliant minds in all of crypto and he’s teasing and engaging with us on Twitter from a boat just off the edge of the world while hanging out with penguins.

You couldn’t write a story like this!

Then the XRP community really got involved with a lot of classic responses.

Here are a few favorites, first from @JREDBOKIE:

Touche, @XRP_Atom:

Many like @ManaMaorixx suspected if he isn’t Satoshi himself, he must know who Satoshi is:

Others took it even further suggesting not only does Schwartz know Satoshi, but that it’s the never-before-seen, enigmatic Arthur Britto:

Arthur Britto is certainly worthy of a whole series of articles himself sometime soon….

And @Kevin_Cage_ suggesting again that Arthur, Jed (another character) and Schwartz definitely know who Satoshi is (if it’s not Schwartz or Britto):

Oh and one more before we wrap it up:

Here are zoom ins on those photos:

And yes, I confirmed myself it’s not a Photoshop, that is literally the jacket @JoelKatz is wearing in his most recent Twitter profile pic:

Just a HUGE coincidence that his jacket just happens to have the same logo of the ship from the Cartoon Bear?

I mean….really?

Crazy, right?

This is a day I will remember for a long time.

Hat tip to you Mr. Schwartz!

And for everyone who missed the original article, I will copy it here below.


Could one of the architects of XRP be the fabled Satoshi Nakamoto?

In 2019 the late John McAfee was alleged to have claimed that Schwartz was in fact Nakamoto, but he has consistently denied those rumors.

David Schwartz reportedly filed a patent for a DLT type technology back in 1988….

That’s not all though, according to sources Schwartz also worked for The C.I.A., and there are rumored emails of Nakamoto praising Ripple as early as 2009.

I encourage you to check out the thread by Anders L which you can access by clicking on his tweet below.

Let’s take a look at the information connecting Schwartz to the Nakamoto identity:

And here’s where it starts to get REALLY interesting…

Amazing research done by Anders_L, which is all documented and all factual.

What do you make of this?

And remember when Dan Pena said “if you knew who was behind Bitcoin, you would RUN!”?

Well, that’s not entirely accurate…he didn’t “say it” so much as “shout it” like he does everything, but still the point remains.

Watch this short clip:

Hmmm….so most in crypto despise XRP, would knowing that David Schwartz (@JoelKatz) created it cause people to flip out?

I think so.

Here’s more, according to Daily Hodl:

In response to questions posted on Twitter regarding whether he’s responsible for building the Bitcoin network, Schwartz says he didn’t find out about Bitcoin until 2011 – two years after BTC came into existence. Schwartz, who is one of the original architects of the XRP ledger, believes it is more likely Bitcoin’s pseudonymous architect was actually a small group of people, rather than a single person.

“I think it’s more plausible that Satoshi was a small group of people given the wide set of skills displayed and the amount of work done. It could have been one person, but that seems somewhat unlikely to me.”


Here’s more from our late friend John McAfee on the topic.

Anyone else miss this guy?

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