Is Fox Business Openly Mocking “The Moon” Carl?

February 16, 2022 8:47 am Comments

One of the most polarizing figures in crypto has to be “The Moon” Carl.

His character has been described by many as “off-putting” to say the least.

He’s often seen bragging about the expensive cars he drives and how many Bitcoin he owns.

He positions himself as some sort of investing genius, when many question whether it was genius or just getting in very early and holding.

And so when he went on Fox Business this week, I watched and was surprised by what I saw.

It might just be me, but it seems to me like the Fox Business host was openly mocking “Carl Moon” and he didn’t even realize it.

Is it possible to be so full of yourself you think the whole world is praising your very existence when, in fact, they are mocking you to your face?

I don’t know, you watch and you decide.

Here is the video Moon Carl posted so proudly to his Twitter.

Is it praise or mockery?

Watch here:

And since we’re talking about Moon Carl, let’s not forget this infamous and cringe-worthy video where he says XRP is going to zero:

Hard to watch.

Let’s just say not everyone is impressed with his “analysis”:

Others think he’s just “talking his book” and actually buying XRP:

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