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Jeremy Hogan: Is the SEC hiding a document where they concluded XRP was NOT A SECURITY?

March 21, 2022 7:15 pm Comments

You have to love the XRP Community.

The YouTubers, the bloggers, the especially the attorneys like John Deaton and Jeremy Hogan.

Everyone coming together to push back against a government agency gone rogue (SEC), weaponized against the very people it’s designed to protect, and uncovering the financial crime of the century that dwarfs Madoff (#ETHgate).

And today attorney Jeremy Hogan just pulled another rabbit out of his hat with this latest find buried in one of Ripple’s recent filings:

Here is a zoom-in on the part in question:

So here’s the deal…

This brief was filed by Ripple lawyer Matthew Solomon and he is alleging that “perhaps” the SEC is hiding a document in which the SEC’s own Director of Corporate Finance analyzed XRP and concluded it wasn’t a security.

Yes, you read that correct!

Folks, there are smoking guns and then there’s this.

Want to know why the SEC continues to delay and refuse to turn over documents the Court has ordered it to produce?

You might have just got your answer.

Here’s the key point to me — Hogan points out that based on his experience as an attorney, making an allegation like this is not something you would randomly do unless….you happened to already know it was true or you had a reasonable basis to believe it was true:

Makes perfect sense to me.

Oh my!

Love this exchange from XRPCryptoWolf and Hogan:

Others speculate the hidden document may relate to XLM, which would also make sense:

Meanwhile, XRP has been having a NICE day in the green, suddenly and quietly rising to $.84:

Meanwhile, the chart people are pointing out the price rise today is moving XRP out of a triangle/channel.

I don’t know much about charting, but I do believe that is a good thing:


Let’s end with this amazing graphic, this is attorney John Deaton’s Undisputed Timeline of Facts in the #ETH Free Pass and SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit.

Really incredible work:

Zoomed in:

We’ll continue to cover this story here at ProCoinNews…where we cover the FULL crypto market, not just the BTC/ETH propaganda.

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