Jimmy Vallee Returns! Have The G7 Nations Already Agreed On A Future Price For XRP?

June 3, 2022 1:53 pm Comments

This one is bound to be controversial, but so be it!

We don’t shy away from newsworthy stories just because they might ruffle some feathers.

But I’m well aware that any time you talk about a “stable XRP price” or a “future price set” for XRP, people have strong feelings.

No one has been more of a lightning rod on this topic that Jimmy Vallee off Valhil Capital.

So much so, in fact, that it appears he deleted his Twitter after his last interview.

But just because he deleted his Twitter doesn’t mean he’s gone away.

I was so excited to see a brand new interview with Vallee posted today where he dives deep into his belief that the G7 Nations have already agreed upon a price set for XRP.  As in, done deal.  Everything you are seeing right now falls under the “all the world’s a stage file” as the Digital Asset Investor would say.

More on that in a minute, and I will have the full interview for you down below.

But first I want to explain more about who Jimmy Vallee is and why some of his prior statements have been so wildly controversial.

Jimmy Vallee is the Managing Director of Valhil Capital and he knows a thing or two about money.

He’s also a (former?) securities lawyer, and coming from someone who has spent a lot of time around lawyers I can tell you this man absolutely speaks like all the lawyers I have ever come in contact with.

The words he uses, the pacing of the way he talks, the tone of how he talks, sounds like almost every single big law firm lawyer I’ve ever dealt with.  So he absolutely fits the bill for what I would expect for someone with the following credentials…

From his bio:

U.S. business author and investor Jimmy Vallee defines and evolves Valhil Capital’s partnering and acquisition strategy as the firm’s managing director.
Labeled in the media as among “America’s Top Energy Dealmakers” and “One of the New Breed of Superstar Lawyers”, Jimmy authored the Amazon #1 bestseller, Giant Shifts – Energy Trends Reshaping America’s Future.
Prior to co-founding Valhil Capital, Vallee enjoyed two decades’ experience advising public and private companies, MLPs, investment banking firms, sovereign wealth and private equity funds in more than $100 billion of worldwide transactions as a leading M&A partner at two global AmLaw 100 law firms.
Vallee is a frequent speaker on business, economic, and energy topics including a recent keynote at the annual MENSA conference. His expert commentary has been featured in publications as diverse as USA Today and U.S. News & World Report as well as in numerous trade and industry outlets.
A native Texan, Jimmy travels extensively and lives in Houston with his wife and 2 daughters.

More bio:

Jimmy Vallee is among America’s most prolific corporate dealmakers. With decades of experience as a global mergers and acquisitions attorney quarterbacking billion dollar M&A transactions for Top 100 law firms, Jimmy is a go-to advisor and investor significantly because his pedigree is more than a law degree and time in mega law firms.

His roots are in the Texas oil fields. He grew up in Beaumont, Texas where he saw first-hand the real world side of the oil business and developed the practical street sense he brings to mega-energy deals and the boardrooms of global energy firms.

When not orchestrating energy corporate deals, Jimmy Vallee penned the #1 Amazon best seller – Giant Shifts, Energy Trends Shaping America’s Future. Jimmy’s message that the United States is at a defining moment, its future to be determined by decisions we collectively make about energy today, is changing the conversation for business leaders worldwide.

One of his most popular interviews was with JamesRuleXRP from February 2021.

The entire interview is fantastic, but there is one moment in particular where he discusses the future value of XRP.

Will it be below $0.50 forever?

Vallee says not even close.

He says that post-SEC case (regardless of the outcome) he sees XRP moving instantly to two digits, likely $10-20 easy.

But it’s what he says next that has captivated people…

He says if XRP truly becomes the bridge currency for all fiat currencies (as many suspect it has been designed to do) then we’re really talking about “all the money” and in that case Vallee says we’re looking at an XRP “on agreement” of $10,000 to $35,000.

I don’t know about you, but I’m probably looking at life-changing numbers at $10-20…hard to fathom $10,000 or $35,000, isn’t it?

Here is the short two minute clip with key portion:

That clip is taken from the larger interview which I have for you below.

Again, this is from the 2021 interview, and then keep reading for the newly-released June 2022 interview where he goes deeper and confirms many of the things he said previously.

Here is the full 2021 interview:

The Working Money Channel covered Vallee about 7 months ago.

Watch here:

Now let’s advance the story and move on to his newest interview with Linda P. Jones, released June 3, 2022.

If you were wondering “Where did Jimmy Vallee go?” the answer is he’s still where he’s always been, even if he’s no longer on Twitter.

And he still has the same opinions and convictions about a coming (high dollar) price set for XRP — perhaps now more than ever.

This is worth listening to from start to finish.

Please enjoy (and then scroll down for one more fun fact):

One more thing before we go…

In researching Vallee, it appears he was a keynote speaker at a MENSA 2016 Conference.

For those who don’t know what MENSA is, it’s a collection of people with abnormally high IQs:

We cannot confirm if Vallee was just a speaker or is also a member, but based on everything I’ve heard I expect he’s likely a member.

Watch his keynote here on Rumble:

Or here on his website at JimmyVallee.com.

So there you go folks!

As always, we cover the news — we don’t give investment advice — but choose who you want to follow…

Follow a pajama-clad Vitalik and a bunch of dog memes?

Or follow the adults in the room, who it appears also have some MENSA members among their ranks!

I know where I’m hitching my wagon…

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