John Deaton Gives Update On The Ripple/SEC Case After Major Developments

February 19, 2022 3:46 pm Comments

I have said it before and I will say it again…there is NO better group of people than the XRP Army!

We cover all coins here at ProCoinNews, and we specialize in covering those that the MSM chooses to ignore.

We’re not “maxis” on any one coin, we hope they all succeed and do well.

But we do have a sweet spot for the XRP Community and have come to love all the people in this wonderful group!

And that includes the attorneys who have jumped in to explain the SEC/Ripple case and each new twist and turn.

John Deaton not only breaks down the case, but he is also representing all XRP Holders in a Class Action against the SEC.

Here’s How You Can Join John Deaton’s Class Action XRP/SEC Lawsuit!

If you have owned XRP for more than one week, you probably know about him and admire his work.

Today we have a new update, courtesy of Mr. Deaton who stopped by the Linqto headquarters to break it all down.

This was a fantastic interview, please enjoy this clip:

Even The Joker responded:

As did Sir Gordon Gekko:

Speaking of Linqto, ProCoinNews is proud to be a Linqto partner and supporting what they do…bringing equity investing to the masses and not just the Wall Street elites.

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