JPMorgan Report: XRP Poised For “Significant Adoption”

November 20, 2021 12:23 pm Comments

Remember when Warren Buffett called Bitcoin “rat poison”?

And his buddy Jamie Dimon said Bitcoin was “worthless” and he threatened to fire any trader who bought it?

Remember that?

We remember.

So does Jose Salazar who sums it up nicely:

Now a new report allegedly from JPMorgan is circulating this morning with some very surprising claims.

The lead headline?

That’s right folks, JPMorgan not only talking about XRP but alerting it is “poised for significant adoption” in what many are claiming is a newly-released internal memo.

Jungle Inc. (via @_XRpizza) had claim to be screenshots of the report:

Here’s a zoom in:

Are you starting to see the puzzle come together?

Working Money Channel is:

And CryptoBoom:

And from Crypto Eri:

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