JUST IN: Kenyan Parliament Calls For Ban Of Worldcoin

October 2, 2023 12:51 pm Comments

Kenyan lawmakers have once again renewed calls to ban Worldcoin from Kenya.

A Parliamentary committee has recommended that the blockchain project be banned from the growing African country. Kenyan officials cite the collection of biometric data from citizens as highly suspicious. This followed a raid conducted on the offices of Worldcoin personnel.

ProCoin News previously reported that several Worldcoin executives were detained in Kenya for a short period of time before U.S. authorities blocked their arrest and secured their release. Mohamed Addow summed up the renewed calls from lawmakers to ban Worldcoin from Kenya:

“A Kenyan parliamentary panel has requested the country’s IT regulator to temporarily halt the activities of the cryptocurrency project Worldcoin within Kenya.

This suspension is to remain in effect until more rigorous regulations are established.

The government had previously put the project on hold in August due to concerns about privacy, specifically related to the scanning of users’ irises in exchange for a digital ID to create a new identity and financial network.”

Forex Blog explained: “Kenya’s authorities report that Worldcoin’s actions “constitute espionage and pose a threat to national status.”

According to Coin Telegraph:

“The registration of Kenyans by Worldcoin online App is still going on despite the pendency of a court order and other administrative directions halting the same in entirety,” said the report.

The report cited privacy concerns for Kenya’s residents, but added it was difficult or impossible to determine the number of ‘orbs’ in the country.

Jamau offered his perspective: “Kenya was the first to shut down Worldcoin for data security and privacy reasons. CEO Alex Blania was arrested at the airport heading home from defending his company before an ad hoc parliamentary committee in East Africa.”

One crypto entrepreneur asked: “Apparently Worldcoin went to Kenya and was getting people’s Biometrics through their Iris (eyes), Now that’s suspicious. Why is World coin getting people’s Biometrics, what do they need it for? Also why is the Kenyan government fighting them?”

BBC News previously reported:

The ministry of the interior has launched an investigation into Worldcoin and called on security services and data protection agencies to establish its authenticity and legality.

In a statement released on Thursday, Worldcoin says it is planning to implement crowd-control measures and collaborate with the government before resuming work. It added that Kenyan regulations are adhered to.

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