Leading Entertainment Firm With 250 Million Users Joins Theta Network

December 16, 2022 12:10 pm Comments

Trusted Media Brands is one of the world’s leading entertainment companies that now has a total of around 250 million consumers.

The firm has announced that it will be partnering and joining the Theta network where it will be utilizing Theta’s video infrastructure and blockchain technologies.

This is a perfect match given the fact that the Theta Network is specifically built for video, streaming, and entertainment platforms which means that this will be mutually beneficial for both Trusted Media Brands and Theta Network.

Theta Network also already has multiple big name partners such as Samsung, Google Cloud, and Sony Europe so the addition of TMB to this list solidifies Theta’s leading position in the video blockchain space.

Investors and speculators expect this partnership to lead to new developments in the Web3 space which could completely disrupt the traditional media industry.

Yahoo reports:

“We’re thrilled to expand our partnership with Theta and our presence in Web3 by participating as an Enterprise Validator Node to help secure and govern the Theta blockchain,” said TMB CEO Bonnie Kintzer. ”

At TMB we’re always looking for the next opportunity to be a changemaker in our industry and deepen the relationship with our audience – our partnership with Theta does just that.”

In addition to running an Enterprise Validator Node, TMB will launch four new NFT drops with ThetaDrop in 2023 with its top brands, leveraging Theta DRM and Theta Video APIs to allow NFT-holders to unlock exclusive content, perks, or experiences with the ownership of their NFTs.

Theta Labs has commented on the partnership and has stated that this will be an opportunity to showcase Theta’s capabilities to TMB’s existing client base which amounts to millions of consumers.

The role that TMB will play in the Theta Network is that they will actually act as something called the “Enterprise Validator Node”.

What this means is that the company will further help the network decentralize and also increase its security which will provide value to consumers.

Theta Labs’s CEO has stated that the blockchain firm will continue down this path to work with other leading brands in order for Theta to be the new Web3 blockchain leader in the entertainment space.

The fact that Theta is continuing to build partnerships and focusing on organic growth right now during a time where many crypto firms is going bankrupt indicates that this is a good sign for it and its native token THETA.

AccessWire.com concludes:

Theta Labs pioneered Theta Network, the next-generation video and entertainment blockchain, and THETA.tv, a leading decentralized live streaming platform.

Theta infrastructure enables existing video platforms to drive incremental revenues and reduce content delivery CDN costs while end-users are rewarded for sharing their bandwidth to relay video on any PC, mobile, Smart TV or IoT device.

Most recently, the company launched ThetaDrop NFT marketplace in partnership with the World Poker Tour, Katy Perry, Jukin Media and Fuse Media, aiming to disrupt the digital collectibles industry.

Theta’s enterprise validator and governance council is led by global leaders including Google, Samsung, Sony, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Binance, Blockchain Ventures, DHVC and gumi. Theta leverages its user base of millions of viewers on THETA.tv to seed its peer-to-peer video network along with premium content partnerships with Lionsgate, MGM Studios, NASA, and others.

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