LEAKED Documents Suggest Xbox May Drive The Next Bull Run?

September 27, 2023 11:58 am Comments

Those familiar with the tech sector know that gaming is a giant catalyst for the adoption of emerging and nascent technologies.

The mass popularity of DVDs and later Blu-Ray discs was completely driven by home consoles that utilized these technologies; something similar can be said of touch screen technology and 3D displays on handheld devices.

None of these technologies really took off until they were introduced to the gaming community.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech may go down a similar route if recently leaked documents are to be believed.

According to recently surfaced documents detailing Microsoft’s plans for a new Xbox console, the next round of Xbox consoles may feature crypto wallet integration. Here’s more on the story:

Crypto Slate had more details:

The leaked internal documents posted on the gaming forum ResetEra show that the Xbox roadmap for May 2022 included crypto wallet support.

However, specifics about this planned integration were not shown.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, attributed the leak to the Federal Trade Commission’s legal action against Microsoft.

Web 3.0 designer Harry Alford provided the roadmap for the next Xbox console and listed the new features of the upcoming console.

Bein Crypto provided this quote from professional investor Michael Silberberg:

“Microsoft’s inclusion of cross-chain wallets in Xbox will allow the next generation of game developers to enable players to create and retain real value from in-game worlds, facilitating actual digital asset ownership, decentralized player-driven markets, and reduced fraud in digital economies.”

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