Major Investment Banks Testing Blockchain Tokenization, Can Ripple Compete?

March 12, 2024 3:41 pm Comments

Major investment banks have begun testing real-world asset tokenization via a pilot program led by the firm Digital Asset.

The pilot program involved investment banking giants such as Goldman Sachs, BNY Mellon, and DRW. In total, 35 financial entities, including crypto exchanges, were involved in the test program.

According to sources, the test focused on settling real-world tokenized transactions seamlessly between the various entities involved.

Of course, Ripple Labs also has big plans for real-world asset tokenization on the blockchain, and this recent development could mean that the blockchain firm may get a run for its money due to increasing competition in the asset tokenization sector.

Here is what is currently being reported on Digital Asset’s Canton Network pilot program:

Cryptopolitan went into greater detail on the pilot test program:

The Canton Network pilot successfully executed over 350 simulated transactions, covering a wide range of financial activities such as the handling of tokenized assets, fund registry, digital cash, repo, securities lending, and margin management transactions, according to a press release on Tuesday.

Ripple Labs also intends to utilize the blockchain to tokenize real estate and other real-world assets. Here is just a snippet of what Ripple Labs is attempting to do in the asset tokenization space.

CoinDesk provided this statement from Digital Asset:

“The successful execution of over 350 simulated transactions proved how a network of interoperable applications can seamlessly connect to enable secure, atomic transactions across multiple parts of the capital markets value chain.

It also demonstrated the potential benefits of using such a network to reduce counterparty and settlement risk, optimize capital, and enable intraday margin cycles.” 

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