Mark Your Calendars: BRICS Schedules Major Summits For 2024

March 31, 2024 11:41 pm Comments

The BRICS alliance and economic bloc has scheduled its major summits for the 2024 Calendar year in Kazan and Rio Di Janeiro.

In October 2024, the BRICS summit will be hosted in the city of Kazan, a city located in Russia. Following that summit, another will be held in Rio Di Janeiro, Brazil. Both events will see topics such as de-dollarization and navigating the new global order as major agenda items.

Additionally, the BRICS economic bloc formally extended an invitation to Serbia to join the growing alliance.

So far, 25 countries are currently waiting for their turn to join the expanding economic bloc.

Taken together, the nations of the BRICS alliance represent a bigger portion of global GDP than their counterparts in the G7.

Should Western leaders be worried about these recent developments? Only time and the content of the slated summits will tell. Here’s what we currently know:

Cryptopolitan writes:

With nations from the Global South lining up to join, the BRICS’ appeal has never been more evident. Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Vietnam, and even Yemen, backed by Russia, China, and Iran, are all potential new members.

It’s a clear signal that the world is craving a multipolar future, one where economic and political diversity is effing celebrated.

Gabor Gurbacs laid out the GDP figures: “The 5 countries in BRICS now contribute 31.5% of global GDP while G7 share has fallen to 30%. BRICS is expected to contribute over 50% of global GDP by 2030. This is perhaps the most important macro chart that doesn’t get shared much.”

Bein Crypto revealed that a BRICS blockchain payment system is in the works:

According to Kremlin aide Yury Ushakov in an interview with TASS, the creation of an independent BRICS payment system leveraging digital technologies and blockchain is a pivotal goal.

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