Meta Suffers HUGE Loss

December 17, 2022 8:58 pm Comments

Meta just lost one of its best and brightest…

Game industry legend, and virtual reality pioneer, John Carmack has resigned from Meta due to what he claims is gross inefficiency at the social media giant.

Carmack, the man behind the Doom series, says the company can do a lot better at bringing better products to the masses, although he is somewhat happy with the Quest 2, released in 2020.

Carmack’s departure from the company could potentially have a major impact on its plans to bring augmented and virtual reality technologies to its metaverse.

Much has gone into the company’s virtual reality platform, with much of Meta’s recent plans, resources, and marketing all revolving around attempts to sell users the concept of a fully integrated, virtual world…

Despite this, Meta’s metaverse arrived to little fanfare…

Here’s what Carmack had to say about his departure:

According to The Block:

Carmack joined VR hardware and software producer Oculus in 2013, before it was acquired by Meta (then Facebook) the following year. He reduced his role to consulting CTO in 2019 to invest more time in his Keen Technologies startup, focusing on artificial intelligence.


Zero Hedge writes:

In an August podcast interview, Carmack said Meta’s $10 billion in losses within the company’s augmented reality and VR division made him “sick to my stomach,” and that the company’s metaverse efforts have been bogged down by concerns over diversity and privacy.

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