Microsoft’s X Account Gets Hacked And Shills Fake Roaring Kitty Airdrops

June 4, 2024 9:52 pm Comments

Microsoft’s Indian X account was recently hacked by a scammer impersonating trader Keith Gill who goes by the name Roaring Kitty.

The verified account of Microsoft’s India account has been sharing dozens of Roaring Kitty videos that link to a sketchy website that is pre-selling fake GME crypto.

It’s reported that the link that is being shared is actually a phishing link that aims to bad actors.

Take a look:

Per Crypto News:

Tech giant Microsoft’s Indian X (Twitter) account was recently hijacked by crypto scammers, impersonating ‘Roaring Kitty,’ the name behind stock trader Keith Gill.

Per data from Bleeping Computer, the perpetrators took advantage of Gill’s recent comeback. His comeback also influenced GameStop to close at $23.14 on Friday, marking a 38.8% increase in shares for the year.

Microsoft India’s X account, which has a gold tick as an officially verified company, has been posting series of Roaring Kitty videos, linking to an unverified website that “pre-sells” fake GameStop (GME) cryptos.

Once the user connects to the phishing site, their crypto assets are exposed to the threat actors.

Here’s what Bleeping Computer reported:

The official Microsoft India account on Twitter, with over 211,000 followers, was hijacked by cryptocurrency scammers to impersonate Roaring Kitty, the handle used by notorious meme stock trader Keith Gill.

Microsoft India’s X account has a gold check as an officially verified organization on the platform, lending the hijackers’ posts more legitimacy.

The threat actors take advantage of Gill’s recent comeback to lure potential victims and infect them with cryptocurrency wallet drainer malware.

They are now using Microsoft India’s hijacked account to reply to tweets, luring the company’s followers and other people on X to a malicious website (presaIe-roaringkitty[.]com) that would allegedly allow them to buy GameStop (GME) crypto as part of a so-called presale.

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