New XRPL Payment Solutions To Be Revealed At Ripple’s Developer Summit

September 6, 2022 10:16 pm Comments

The Apex XRPL Developer Summit is scheduled to happen in Las Vegas over the next couple of days and will showcase the latest XRPL technologies that could be released soon.

So far, it has already been revealed that there are some new XRPL payment solutions that will be shown at the developer summit.

XRPL Labs developers have shared some more specific details on these payment solutions such as providing a payments and refunds solution that utilizes pathfinding technology.

Overall, the summit will continue to show the innovation that is happening around the XRPL and Ripple ecosystem which will continue to boost investor confidence. reports:

This XRPL Labs’ innovation provides quick pathfinding, where a user pays with XRP and a merchant receives the cryptocurrency that is a priority for him or her.

In addition to the XRPL Labs team responsible for Xumm Wallet, developers from nopCommerce, an open-source eCommerce platform, have had a hand in working on the new XRP payment solutions.

The Apex XRPL Dev Summit will take place in Las Vegas. The event is hosted by Ripple, more specifically RippleX, the company’s payment solutions development arm, and the XRP Ledger Foundation.

Co-founder and current CTO David Schwartz, as well as former head developer Matt Hamilton, will be on stage as speakers at what is probably the largest forum devoted to XRP and XRPL.

Another major point of focus that will be brought up during the developer summit is the topic of central bank digital currencies.

Ripple has hosted a challenge in the past called the CBDC Innovate Challenge and the finalists of this challenge will be able to share their findings.

Clearly, the company sees massive potential in this space and is aiming to become a major player within this transformation that experts predict will soon happen for many countries.

The summit should reveal the organic value that continues to be built even while the crypto market is in the middle of a “winter”. concludes:

One of the main focuses of the summit will be CBDC issues.

In particular, the finalists of the CBDC Innovate Challenge will be announced. XRPL infrastructure will also be on the agenda with a discussion of blockchain interoperability and programmability.

DeFi and NFTs within the XRPL ecosystem are other main topics, which, according to the official program of the event, will be viewed from every possible angle.

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