Nick Funetes Owned Cozy Tv Now Accepts Crypto Donations

January 3, 2023 12:05 am Comments

Cozy.Tv a live-streaming service founded by the leader of the American First movement Nick Fuentes now accepts crypto donations.

The announcement was made via Fuentes’s Telegram account which stated  Cozy’s website’s new donation page is now up in running.

Fans of Cozy.Tv can donate either Bitcoin or Litecoin.

In recent weeks Fuentes has been seen side by side legendary artist and fashion icon Ye. Fuentes is rumored to be Ye’s 2024 communication director.

Although Ye has yet to announce his 2024 campaign, his potnetial run could be bullish for cryptocurrency.

After being debanked by JP Morgan last year for his “Death Con 3” tweet,  Ye was spotted with a Satsohi Nakmato hat.


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