onXRP Partners Up With Banxa So XRP Can Be Purchased Via ApplePay

July 9, 2022 6:02 pm Comments

onXRP is one of the fastest growing projects that has been built on top of the XRP ledger and has recently announced a new partnership that will increase the adoption of XRP.

Essentially, onXRP has revealed that it has partnered up with Banxa to deploy a fiat on-ramp solution onto the XRP blockchain ecosystem.

This will then allow all onXRP users to purchase XRP via ApplyPay or bank cards which makes the digital asset much more accessible to the general public.

This will be available to all users internationally on all continents with the exception of a few places such as Russia and a few states within the United States.

U.today reports:

Enabling U.S. residents to buy XRP with a bank card was the top priority in developing the innovation, according to a tweet from onXRP.

It is also important to note that only XRP is available for purchase onXRP for fiat.

The developers have not said whether it will be possible to buy other tokens of the ecosystem in the same way in the future, be it OXP or OVX. However, these and other tokens built on the XRPL blockchain can be purchased for XRP on the onXRP DEX.

Currently, the DEX section of the onXRP website includes the decentralized exchange itself, the XRP-Avalanche bridge, the DeFi or onAVAX section – which was also recently introduced – and the Cash section, where users purchase XRP for fiat.

The main thing to note from this development is that onXRP will support the purchase of XRP mainly with fiat currencies.

As of right now, there is still no support for purchasing XRP via the use of other onXRP tokens although that may be something that is included as part of a future development.

onXRP also has its own app that users can use and it seems that the project has a few more exciting features that it is still working on such as a Swap feature.

So far, the announcement has not yet affected the price of XRP which has been consolidating within a price range for the past week.

RippleCoinNews.com reports:

The onXRP app still seems in the development stage as it currently has sections like Swap, which is not working yet. The speed at which development takes place of XRPL apps, the feature is expected to be available in near future.

Moreover, Ripple’s native ‘XRP’ is currently at $0.34 as the coin is down 1.2% in the past 24-hours and up 4% over the week.

Sighting a recent development in SEC-Ripple lawsuit, and Bitcoin’s break above $22k, it seems like XRP may take a significant upwards leap.

It is to be reminded that while Ripple is currently facing a SEC lawsuit, it is the defendant who is in the lead. The SEC is pushed to the corner because of Ripple’s aggressive defence.

With new developments from the lawsuit potentially underway, investors may speculate that a break from the current price range could result in a bullish rally.

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