OpenAI And Worldcoin Enter Into Partnership Talks

April 28, 2024 10:58 pm Comments

OpenAI and Worldcoin have reportedly entered into partnership talks with each other that will no doubt draw scrutiny.

Both firms are headed by tech entrepreneur and investor Sam Altman, which could potentially draw the ire of U.S. regulators.

OpenAI will reportedly provide AI services and infrastructure to Worldcoin—which represents one of the world’s most notable universal basic income schemes.

At this point, any details beyond this are hazy, though it was hinted that the partnership would be on a long-term basis.

Here’s what is currently being reported about the partnership talks between the two companies:

According to The Block:

Worldcoin’s developer, Tools for Humanity, is interested in partnerships with the payments giant PayPal and the artificial intelligence firm OpenAI. 

Tools for Humanity previously partnered with Okta Inc, a cybersecurity firm, for better Worldcoin authentication services.

CoinDesk featured this related story: “Worldcoin, the crypto startup from OpenAI founder Sam Altman, is launching a layer-2 Ethereum blockchain. It will be based on Optimism’s OP stack blockchain-building framework to offer users cheaper fees and faster speeds.”

Coin Telegraph explained:

On the cryptocurrency side of things, Worldcoin recently announced it would increase its WLD token supply by 36 million — currently worth around $196 million — over the next six months as part of a sell-off to select institutions.

This comes as the token’s popularity — at least as far as distribution is concerned — continues to rise.

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