Over 21 Bitcoin Raised For Canadian Truckers

February 11, 2022 5:51 am Comments

The freedom convoy has taken the world by storm.

Over the last three weeks, truckers in Canada protesting vaccine mandates have staged massive protests all across Canada.

As of right now, truckers are still protesting in downtown Ontario, Coutts Alberta, and several other parts of Canada until vaccine mandates are lifted all across the country.

Many of these truckers are hurting financially due to the fact they are laying aside making money to instead protest for freedom.

Several donations sites like GoFundme have taken down fundraisers for the truckers but a site called Tally Coin which takes Bitcoin as a donation is still up and running and so far has raised over 21 Bitcoin worth over $920,000 USD.

Bitcoin Magazine had more on the story:

Bitcoin fundraising just gets more attractive as fiat fundraising firms are proving to be unreliable when it comes to raising donations for the Truckers Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, Canada.

Fiat fundraising platforms further added to their unreliableness as GoFundMe’s replacement for this movement, GiveSendGo, reportedly leaked passports and other personal information about the individuals who donated to the truckers fund.

After fundraising company GoFundMe bowed to political pressure, freezing the truckers funds of over $9 million, protesters and donators also turned to raising funds in bitcoin — given its’ censorship resistant qualities.

The Bitcoin community is watching with interest as the first major fundraising effort using bitcoin attempts to raise 21 BTC for the initiative.

As for the truckers in Ottawa, they’re not leaving until the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is enforced and all mandates and passports are gone.

DeCrypt had more on the story:

In response to the GoFundMe blockade, BTC Sessions, a crypto YouTuber from Calgary, started a fundraiser for the protest using the Bitcoin native crowdfunding platform “Tallycoin.”

Because Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment network, it makes it harder for governments to prevent users from sending money to certain causes.

“Thank you TRUCKERS,” said one anonymous donor of $87.99 in Bitcoin. “You have made me proud to be Canadian again.”

The donor list includes Kraken exchange CEO Jesse Powell, who sent a whole Bitcoin to the cause. “Fix the money, fix the world,” he said. “Mandates are immoral. End the madness. Honk Honk!”


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