Polygon (MATIC) and Cere Network Launches Web3 Platform ‘Davinci’

February 15, 2022 9:41 am Comments

Polygon and Cere Network just launched a new joint venture with the Web3 media platform called Davinci in with the aim to store NFTs in a more secure fashion and to facilitate the management of decentralized data within the networks.

Polygon is a popular layer 2 scaling solution that currently has a market capitalization of almost $13 billion making it one of the most widely used blockchain platforms that is compatible with Ethereum.

On the other hand, Davinci is known as a platform for direct content monetization specifically for NFT backed experiences which has the technical capability to facilitate the NFT transfers itself.

CoinTelegraph reports:

DaVinci is a direct content monetization platform for NFT-backed experiences that aims to facilitate both decentralized data transfers and nonfungible token, or NFT, value transfers.

Powered by Cere’s DDC,  the platform enables personalized content streaming to NFT holders via smart contracts. And it leverages Cere Freeport, the NFT mining platform deployed on Polygon, to mint and sell functional NFTs that provide access to exclusive content.

Sandeep Nailwal, o-Founder of Polygon, shared in a statement that only the tip of the iceberg has been explored when in comes to the capabilities of NFTs.

“There is so much more that artists and fans are able to accomplish and access through DaVinci that realizes more of the potential of blockchain to the mainstream consumers.

Artists and brands get more revenue from their unique content, while fans get better experiences and secure delivery of their assets.”

The company behind Davinci wants to provide creators that ability to collect rewards for their content in the form of royalties which would be a new way to incentivize them to create more future content.

In addition, it would also assist creators in researching want kind of content their audience is looking for by providing the right analytic tools.

With the launch of Davinci within its network, Polygon continues to add more functionality onto its blockchain as many projects are already in progress for the year of 2022.

The company is also not short of funding as recent news has revealed that the company has received a $450 million funding round that was led by Sequoia Capital.

The investor funds were provided with the continual focus of being able to scale the network and expand the solutions provided.

ZyCrypto reports:

Fred Jin, Co-founder of Cere Network says: “Most NFT content is not stored securely on the blockchain, This is a problem, simply because your NFT can lose its content and associated value.

The DaVinci platform solves this problem via Cere DDC’s secure decentralized content delivery innovations.

We’re really breaking new ground here, both for the entertainment industry and consumer enterprises, through a new standard for decentralizing data/content along with the Polygon team.”

Decentraland, Opensea, Sandbox, Somnium Space, and Decentral Games are just a few of the top blockchain-based Web 3.0 games and NFT projects that Polygon Studios has worked with.

Outside of Ethereum, Polygon PoS boasts 5x more gaming and NFT dApps than any other chain, with a total ecosystem of over 7,000 applications.

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