President Trump Calls Out Gary Gensler!

October 2, 2022 2:18 pm Comments

One of my favorite lines from Seinfeld is George Constanza’s head nearly popping off when he finally shouts “WORLDS ARE COLLIDING!”

And I feel like that’s what we’re suddenly experiencing today in crypto as President Trump just came crashing into the “Gary Gensler Resign” debate like the Kool-Aid man coming through the wall.


We try to stay out of politics here at ProCoinNews, but Donald and Gary are making it very difficult for us!

Here is President Trump himself at his Michigan Rally yesterday calling out Gary Gensler and the Acting Director of Enforcement at the SEC (thanks to DAI for the clip):

Even the Cool Guy is on the story:

Speaking of the Mr. I, this seems relevant:

Did you know Gary Gensler was Hillary Clinton’s Campaign CFO during the whole “Russia-gate” saga?

It’s true:

FLASHBACK: SEC Chief Gary Gensler Was Hillary Clinton’s Campaign CFO During Russia-gate Payments…


A major story is breaking today that involves Securities and Exchange Commission head Gary Gensler.

In fact, just like all the good stories this one was hidden in plain sight but is now being uncovered and revisisted.

The revolving door of Wall Street / Government can lead to some lucrative opportunities if you’re in the club, but as we’re now learning it can also put you in some very compromising situations.

ProCoinNews does not take a side in politics, other than we vote with our wallets and we vote for those people who are pro-crypto and pro-American innovation.

But we’re also not shy about reporting on a story when it touches politics because we have a mission here to report the truth wherever we find it.

And the truth has found Gary Gensler.

After leaving as Chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, it appears Gensler found his way to a cozy position as CFO of the Hillary Clinton 2016 Campaign…and the money was flowing free and fast according to many reports.

There appears to be an all-out MSM blackout of this story by any media source even slightly left of John F. Kennedy, but it appears based on recent court filings by John Durham that not only is Hillary’s campaign accused of spying on both the Trump Campaign and the Trump Presidency (is that treason?) but also of creating and spreading the discredited Russia-gate story.

Take a look:

Her campaign’s CFO at the time?

Gary Gensler.

Why is this important?

Because many of the allegations made by Durham include the intentional payments of money to promulgate the Russia-gate hoax, and it appears to be inconceivable that those could not have flown through Gensler.

As I said above: UH-OH!

The story is breaking wide open today with The Gateway Pundit leading the charge in connecting the dots:

Let’s go back in time to 2016 and this article from CNN praising Gensler’s abilities on the Hillary campaign:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign will add to its top ranks a man who’s known for being tough on Wall Street.

Gary Gensler, the former chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, will serve as the Clinton campaign’s chief financial officer, Bloomberg reported.

Gensler would bring a wealth of knowledge about the financial industry, as well as the federal agencies that regulate it, to the newly launched campaign.

He was chairman of the CFTC, the government agency that oversees the derivatives markets, from 2009 to 2014. He previously served in senior Treasury Department roles under President Bill Clinton, and prior to joining the Clinton administration worked at Goldman Sachs for almost 20 years.

Bart Chilton, a former CFTC commissioner who served alongside Gensler, told CNN that Gensler was an “effective leader” at the agency, adept at juggling the demands of working with lawmakers on Capitol Hill and regulating the financial sector.

“Secretary Clinton will be well served by his financial and strategic acumen,” Chilton said. “I know he’s deeply committed to the Secretary, and to her public policy agenda.”

Talk about things that didn’t age well.

And from Politico:

It might seem surprising that Hillary Clinton picked a former Goldman Sachs guy to manage her campaign finances as CFO and advise her on economic policy, considering all the criticism she gets over her Wall Street ties. But Gary Gensler is no ordinary veteran of the “Government Sachs” cabal. By his own admission, Gensler underwent a major transformation from a Goldman Sachs executive and Rubinite (part of the group of loyalists around former Treasury Secretary and Goldman chief Robert Rubin who deregulated Wall Street in the 1990s) to a true believer in regulation following the 2008 financial crash. “All of us that were involved at the time, and certainly myself, should have done more to protect the American public through aggressive regulation,” he said shortly before he became chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in the Obama administration, where he would earn praise from liberals for cracking down on derivatives trading.

From his Bloomberg profile (see the part in bold):

Over tea at Hillary Clinton’s Washington home in late 2014, Elizabeth Warren warned her host that when it comes to Wall Street, what mattered most was the people Clinton surrounded herself with. Months later, as Clinton launched her presidential campaign, Gary Gensler, who had been a Goldman Sachs banker before he became a senior policy aide and Bob Rubin protégé during the deregulatory years of B

The deeper explanation is that Gensler is a financial-policy unicorn—a deregulator turned reformer. As head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Gensler became known as one of President Barack Obama’s toughest regulators, willing to buck his friends and former colleagues to tighten rules on the $400 trillion swaps market following the 2008 crisis. His name became an expletive to many on Wa

Even for a former regulator, it’s not the most glamorous role; every day, he’s given a big stack of checks to sign. He insisted on using strict accounting practices so that the campaign wouldn’t fall into debt by leaving costs off its balance sheet until bills are paid, as campaigns often do. He hopes to end the campaign in November with nothing left in the bank and no debt, either. Obama 2012 end

Read more at:
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The Gateway Pundit summed things up nicely with this:

The Hillary campaign took over the DNC’s financials and then hid how the money was being spent by funneling it through its attorney Elias and Perkins Coie. Millions were passed onto its attorneys where they used this money for activities being investigated by the Durham investigation now. The Clinton campaign paid Perkins Coie $5.6 million in legal fees from June 2015 to December 2016, according to campaign finance records, and the DNC paid the firm $3.6 million.

We now know the money that Hillary’s team paid entities to link Trump to Russia.

This all happened while Marc Elias was general counsel and Gary Gensler was CFO of the Hillary campaign. What are the odds these two individuals knew everything that was going on?

Here’s more:

Congressional Testimony Indicates That Gary Gensler Had A Role In Steele Dossier Payments

The current SEC Chairman, Gary Gensler, may have had final approval authority for Hillary Clinton’s campaign payments for the Steele Dossier according to a new congressional testimony.

Many speculators are analyzing Gensler’s role here in order to potentially find conflicts of interest.

This is especially important as the SEC is also investigating Donald Trump’s social media firm’s merge request which means that potentially conflicts of interest within the SEC must be resolved before investigations proceed.

Gensler was known in the past as being Hilary Clinton’s campaign chief financial officer so it is necessary if Gensler has any role in the recent SEC inquiry.

So far, the SEC has declined to comment when news sources requested for more information about the matter.

JustTheNews reports:

The SEC declined comment when Just the News inquired about Sperry’s report, the role, if any, that Gensler and Hodgman are playing in the Truth Social investigation or whether the two SEC executives offered to recuse themselves from the inquiry.

In addition to the connections to Trump, Truth Social is run by former House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, who played a key role in exposing Strzok’s conduct during the Russia probe, the Clinton campaign’s connections to the Steele dossier, the inaccuracies of the dossier and the FBI’s reliance on the former British spy Christopher Steele to obtain FISA warrants targeting the Trump campaign and adviser Carter Page.

In the end, Nunes’ probe exposed that the FBI ultimately determined that most of the allegations Steele placed in the dossier and shared with the agents were disproven, uncorroborated or meaningless Internet rumor and that the FBI misled the court about the reliability of the information.

Former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta also made a few comments about Gensler’s past role when it came to the campaign’s financial matters.

Podesta claims that Gensler was the primary person that was responsible for funding the dossier as he was considered the top official who had the authority to approve such payments.

These payments would have gone to the campaign’s law firm and lawmakers inquired if Gensler would have been aware of these payments.

Podesta says that Gensler was at the top and should be aware of everything.

JustTheNews concludes:

“Well, at the top was Gary,” Podesta answered.

The payments for the dossier also resulted in a significant penalty earlier this year. The Federal Elections Commission levied $113,000 in fines against the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign for improperly disguising payments to Perkins Coie as legal expenses when in fact they were opposition research costs for the dossier.

The conciliation agreements found “probable cause to believe” that both the campaign and national party “misreport[ed] the purpose of certain disbursements.”

Despite all the controversy and ridicule the Steele dossier received, Podesta testified in 2017 he believed at the time the Clinton’s campaign funding of it was legitimate.

With many claiming that Gensler has a questionable history, his role in the SEC continues to be criticized.

And since we’re on the topic of Gary, let’s do one more:

Gary Gensler EXPOSED: Mafia Shakedown Tactics?

It sure would be a shame if this got shared around…

I don’t think Gary would like it very much, and we definitely don’t want to offend His Majesty.

But we’re posting it anyway.

These videos have been widely posted and commented on by people like DAI, Brad Kimes, and many others.

And we thought it was time they were immortalized in an article here on ProCoinNews.

We’ve also uploaded them to our YouTube channel (link at the end) for safe keeping just in case they disappear from Twitter one day.

So let’s start with this one, from the CryptoMemeGuy who took a rare moment to get serious and skip the memes.

Because this is indeed very serious.

Listen to Gary when he was teaching back at MIT and realize how very clearly he understood and described the value and utility of XRP:

And then we have this…

Is this the current head of the SEC or is it someone describing how to conduct a Mafia shakedown?

Perhaps someone can explain it to me, because I can’t tell any difference!


And also this:

The Fox guarding the Hen House is exactly right:

We’ve gone ahead and saved all of these into one video for your viewing enjoyment.




Gary Gensler…Resign!


You know the beauty of being your own man?

Not taking orders from anyone?

You can publish whatever you want, limited only by the truth.

And that’s what you get at ProCoinNews!

In case you missed it, earlier this week Roslyn Layton published an article on Forbes titled “Gary Gensler: Resign”.

It stayed up for a hot minute before Forbes execs made her take it down.


But here at ProCoinNews, we publish whatever we damn well want, as long as it’s ethical and truthful.

Those are our guiding principles.

And so in honor of Roz getting cancelled, we thought we’d pick up the torch and proudly publish this article titled, you guessed it….Gary Gensler: RESIGN.

Catchy, isn’t it?

In case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t understand what Gary Gensler has done to be so almost-universally hated, allow me to elucidate you.

He is essentially running a government sanctioned version of the mob shakedown.

Except the mob guys were nicer, had more humanity.

Gary is ostensibly in charge of crypto regulation in America with two main goals: protect investors and foster innovation so America continues to be the leader in the world.

He’s failed miserably on both fronts.

He’s failed so badly you have to wonder if it’s incompetence or gross conflicts of interest.

Or both.

A few days ago, Roslyn Layton published an article in Forbes titled “Gary Gensler: Resign” and very soon there after the article went POOF.

Taken down:

1984, anyone?

There’s always humor to be found, and for any 80s or 90s kids out there, you gotta love this:

Personally, I’m here to testify to the fact this was a much bigger problem with the 8-bit NES than the SuperNES, but still it’s a great meme video!

Here is proof the article did at one time exist:

As always, the good thing is the internet is written in ink, and try as hard as you might you can’t ever really delete anything:

More screenshots:

Courtesy of the Wayback Machine, this appears to be the full article:

But now let’s advance the story…

Is this a good enough reason for Gary to resign?

This clip where he is basically describing how to buy off the banks to get your new ventures up and running?

Really Gary?

Shouldn’t this video alone be cause for impeachment or resignation?

Or if not that, how about Anti-trust violations?

Surely, that’s enough for his ouster, right?

Do we still have a rule of law in America?

Actually we may not.

Gary may be taking cover under the Clinton Cabal, who never seem to face any repercussions for anything they have ever done!

Even getting a wang sucked off in the Oval Office while serving as President and then lying about it.

Let alone the infamous “Clinton Kill List” which we can neither confirm nor deny exists.

But many of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Oh America, what happened to you?

It’s a small penance, but on the road to redeeming America, the first step is GARY GENSLER: RESIGN!

And no, this article will NOT get taken down, so please feel free to share everywhere!

Who loves ya, baby?


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