Raiinmaker Partners With Polygon (MATIC) to Launch ‘Create to Earn’ Platform

March 2, 2022 2:35 pm Comments

Raiinmaker is a blockchain based social media platform that has recently announced a partnership with the Polygon network for the launch of a new initiative.

By integrating with Polygon, the company hopes to be able to create a “create to earn” ecosystem where users can earn different digital rewards such as NFTs or Polygon’s native token MATIC.

Through this integration, the entire Polygon community can also participate in the new ecosystem where they will be able to be rewarded for the content that they create in social media that they might typically do on traditional social platforms like Facebook or Tiktok for free.

As a result, this could help create a vibrant social media community that will continue to attract new users and demonstrates real-world use cases that a token like MATIC could have.

CoinJournal reports:

Following the integration, the CEO and Founder of Raiinmaker J.D. Seraphine said:

“We are excited to officially launch our integration with the Polygon network, empowering the Polygon community to earn MATIC and other digital assets from the network they love by simply posting their social content from Raiinmaker every day.”

Instead of just sharing content on social media to earn a reputation, social media users can also earn a passive income through the Raiinmaker platform.

It uses a proprietary layer 2 consensus algorithm called Proof of Influence™, which ensures that users are rewarded fairly every time they share content on the social media platforms that they use.

Raiinmaker currently has over twenty integrated blockchains and users can earn rewards in form of the native cryptocurrencies of these blockchains.

Besides providing a platform for social media users to earn cryptocurrencies, 4% of the profits that Raiinmaker makes shall go towards supporting global impact initiatives like climate change, entrepreneurship, and youth empowerment.

The team behind Raiinmaker has also stated that the platform is designed to be able to support the needs of all kinds of social media creators.

The platform uses a model called “Proof of influence” which ensures that users are compensated appropriately for the type of content that they create within the network.

This type of imitative is also quite new within the social media space as Web 3.0 type projects are still not that common yet and that Raiinmaker could help bridge the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

The team reveals that Polygon was chosen for the platform primarily for its low network costs and its ability to scale effectively as the social network grows.

CoinQuora reports:

In addition, the app’s exclusive layer 2 consensus mechanism — Proof-of-Influence, guarantees that users will be fairly rewarded every time they share information across their social media networks.

To sum up, the Raiinmaker app is built with the components to bridge the gap between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, CoinQuora gathers.

In fact, the sole aim of the project is to allow users to produce and share content on standard social media channels. In turn, they will earn crypto and NFTs for the value they provide.

All this is evident with the team’s assertion that the app accrued over 15,000 downloads in just six months.

Investors of Polygon (MATIC) are hoping to see if Polygon can continue to grow and help transform the social media space which could create a positive long-term outlook for the network and its native token MATIC.

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