Records Show Robert Kennedy Jr. Holds Up To $250k In BTC

July 7, 2023 1:35 pm Comments

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy is already well-known for his positive stance on Bitcoin and digital assets in general.

Most recently, reports have revealed that Kennedy already owns anywhere from $100k to $250k in Bitcoin which indicates that he is financially involved.

To show his support for the financial asset, he had also announced that he was accepting Bitcoin for his campaign donations which made him the first candidate to do so.

It is clear that the topic of crypto will likely be a prominent subject in the upcoming election and candidates that personally own digital assets will likely be involved. reports:

The news arrives following contrary statements made by Kennedy in May. Specifically, at a Bitcoin conference in Miami, he proclaimed that he was not an investor to attendees.

Conversely, a brokerage account held by the presidential candidate notes the rather large Bitcoin holdings.

Bitcoin has been a prominent facet of Kennedy’s presidential campaign thus far. He has been outspoken in his defense of the digital currency.

Alternatively, he has also been outspoken in his concern with government-issued digital assets. However, this recent revelation could point to a conflict of interest for the candidate.

The financial records do not display when Bitcoin was acquired by Kennedy. Therefore, the purchase could have been enacted after the statement was made by Kennedy at the conference. Moreover, the filing also does not classify who in Kennedy’s family made the investment. Or if he has subsequently sold the acquired Bitcoin holdings within the records.

It is interesting though that the candidate had mentioned that he was not an investor at the Bitcoin conference in the past.

However, the details are unclear as it is not mentioned when the Bitcoin was actually purchased and whether or not the Bitcoin holding was already sold.

So far, Kennedy’s campaign has already attracted a lot of attention despite still trailing behind Biden in the polls.

His pro-crypto stance has so far garnered the support of many tech investors such as Jack Dorsey where they had offered to support him in the campaign.

Kennedy has been an endorser for BTC even long before his presidential campaign as he had described it as a tool to use during a struggling US economy.

CNBC concludes:

Bitcoin’s price has seen an upswing recently, hitting a 13-month high on Thursday, despite parts of the crypto industry seeing headwinds.

Kennedy’s campaign has seized attention from several wealthy supporters, even as he remains far behind Biden in Democratic primary polls. A Quinnipiac survey from June shows Biden with 70 % support among Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters, while Kennedy nabs 17%. Kennedy, 69, is the son of former Attorney General Robert F.

Kennedy and the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, both of whom were assassinated in the 1960s.
In May, days before he took the stage the Miami bitcoin conference, Kennedy tweeted: “Cryptocurrencies, led by bitcoin, along with other crypto technologies are a major innovation engine. It is a mistake for the U.S. government to hobble the industry and drive innovation elsewhere.”

A day later he tweeted: “Bitcoin has been a lifesaver for people’s movements around the world.”

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