Ripple CEO Announces Plan To Utilize $1 Billion Of Cash Reserves For Expansion

May 26, 2023 2:24 pm Comments

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse just announced at the Dubai Fintech Summit last week that the company plans to aggressively expand to meet growing demand.

To do this, the company plans to spend up to $1 billion of its cash reserves in order to facilitate this expansion by doing things like acquisitions and expanding operations.

Ripple has shown in the past that it has an extremely strong balance sheet where it has over a billion of reserves on its balance sheet.

This is one of the many reasons why Ripple has been able to survive the many crypto winters in the past as its strong financial foundation ensures that it will persevere despite the market conditions.

Garlinghouse then indicated that the company is interested in looking at acquisition companies specifically in the regions of UAE and Switzerland. reports:

The CEO further pointed to Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as countries that are attractive places for Ripple to look for companied to acquire.

“[…] we’ll make acquisitions in markets that are friendly to these technologies […] You had representation from the UAE, you had representation from Switzerland, these are countries that are providing the clarity for entrepreneurs to invest and that allows a company like Ripple, that is larger, [to invest],” he said.

If Garlinghouse’s plan proves to be successful and more companies start using XRP for liquidity in cross-border payments, there is reason to believe that XRP would also rise in price.

Garlinghouse had talked about the vision about wanting Ripple to be more than just a cross-border liquidity provider as well.

This means that the company intends to expand the list of use cases that XRP can support by including services for other blockchain areas.

If Ripple goes through with the plan to use $1 billion of reserves to support this mission, then XRP investors can expect to see the value of XRP go up in the long term.

This is because all these additional use cases will increase reliance on XRP and will also increase the transaction volume of the asset significantly. concludes:

The firm has already started its expansion moves. According to reports, Ripple recently acquired Metaco, a prominent Switzerland-based digital assets custody and tokenization firm. The US-based fintech firm shared the news via tweet.

It is worth noting that Metaco’s business focuses on tokenization and custody, part of the fundamental areas of blockchain technology mentioned by Garlinghouse.

Ripple’s expansion move in Switzerland isn’t surprising, considering the firm’s ordeal with US regulators over the past two years.

More so, Metaco operates from Switzerland, an area with better crypto regulatory clarity that is obtainable in the US. Garlinghouse even highlighted that fact during his speech at the Fintech Summit.

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