Ripple Continues To Onboard Major Creators To XRP Ledger

April 27, 2022 11:41 am Comments

Ripple just announced the final round of creators that were selected to join Ripple’s Creator Fund which allows the creators to utilize the XRP Ledger for their innovative NFT projects.

Many select XRPL due to its ability to facilitate transactions at high speed while maintain low costs and also due to the fact that it is a carbon neutral blockchain.

The NFT projects that were selected span a variety of different industries which include carbon credit markets, real estate, and media which are all promising markets that Ripple intends to expand into.

The XRP Ledger is already showing to be one of the most popular choices as major brands such as Rare Air Media (Air Jordan) and LEGO MASTER have already selected to build their projects on the blockchain.

So far, they have nothing but positive things to say about their partnership with Ripple and will likely entice other major brands and mainstream creators to join in the future.

Yahoo reports:

Rare Air Media – “We changed the financial parameters of large-scale coffee-table books in sports and entertainment publishing by adjusting expectations. Design was as important as photography which was as critical as the editorial—redefining ‘state-of-the-art’ production brought it all together,” said Mark Vancil, founder and CEO of Rare Air Media.

“The XRP Ledger provides a platform that allows us to open our minds far wider to contemplate unique ways of communicating ideas. We are thrilled to be minting our first series.”

Ragzy – “I’m looking forward to minting a new series on the XRP Ledger and delving deeper into how the ledger can help with access rights and more,” said NFT artist Jessica Ragzy. “As an artist, it’s important to gain ownership over our creations.”

“The XRP Ledger will give me the opportunity to deliver a secure and great experience for existing and new NFT collectors, while developing my artistic vision.”

To give some background on the Creator Fund again, it is essentially a $250 million fund that was committed by Ripple to provide capital for NFT Creators to build their projects on XRPL.

Around 4000 creators have already been onboarded so far since the launch of the fund and the projects are already showing promising results on the practical use cases of NFTs.

Ripple is now expected by industry experts to likely hold a key position in accelerating the growth of the NFT industry and driving the new creator economy.

The launch of Ripple’s new NFT standard, which is called XLS-20, will also be one of the major drivers that will make it for the blockchain to grow at scale to support all the creators and to make the content creation process as simple as possible for them.

It also is a new mark in history as the launch of Ripple’s new standard makes it the first major blockchain to become carbon neutral which gives it the first mover’s advantage over all other competitors. summarizes:

The $250 million fund set up especially for this purpose will allow dev teams to utilize XRP Ledger to create and launch their NFT projects.

Ripple’s fund has been created to help NFT makers launch their products on XRP Ledger.

By now, over 4,000 creators have filed their applications to be able to use the fund that offers creators money, as well as creative and tech support. Among those who have been approved to use the benefits of the Creator Fund are Justin Bua, Steven Sebrig and Michael Jordan.

Now, among the newly approved projects to join in are Rare Air Media, NFT artists Cecey Meadem and Jessica Ragzy, and others.

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