Ripple Lawsuit Takes A Positive Turn From Judge Torres

February 5, 2022 6:01 pm Comments

In the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit, Judge Torres recently grant a number of documents to be unsealed which could turn the tide of the court decision in Ripple’s favor.

During the ruling, it was confirmed that three documents would be unsealed which would include the Notice of Brad Garlinghouse’s Deposition in the SEC formal investigation, a Chris Larsen Email String, and a Brad Garlinghouse Email.

These files are now viewable online and have made available for the public to view to give transparency of the information within the documents.

This recent move indicates that Judge Torres favors public disclosure due to the public nature of the case.

Attorney Jeremy Hogan commented positively on Twitter regarding this decision saying that this could certainly move the case forward and that the push for public disclosure could eventually lead to the reveal of the Hinman emails.

FinanceFeeds reports:

Attorney Jeremy Hogan went to Twitter to share his view that the ruling is a sign that Analisa Torres, the judge presiding over the case, will soon start to move the lawsuit forward.

“There’s only one major takeaway from this Order on the Ripple v. SEC case: Judge TORRES is getting ready to take over. The next couple months will be very interesting with all the major rulings that are being teed up!”

John Deaton, the attorney for the XRP Holders in the SEC v. Ripple lawsuit, said rulings for Judge Torres are a great sign for his clients.

“What these rulings clearly show is that Judge Torres favors public disclosure.

Ripple can’t seal certain documents (ie legal Memo ). Same applies to the SEC. Think ahead! We may ultimately get to see the 63 Hinman emails!”

The 63 Hinman emails mentioned in Deaton’s tweet regard the deliberative privilege issue with the SEC. Judge Sarah Netburn has recently ordered the production of Hinman’s drafts and notes regarding his 2018 speech, which John Deaton called Ripple’s “biggest victory”.

Deaton believes that notes from the third parties that are not associated with Ripple could be the most helpful evidence in turning the ruling in Ripple’s favor.

This is because there is a possibility that the third parties in question could be contacts from Ethereum or Consensys, but the SEC can still decide to reject sharing the meeting information due to attorney client privilege.

Of course, whether the meeting notes are actually privileged or not is also something that needs to be determined because if statements were made by the people at the meeting, it would not be considered privileged.

With that being said, the continued delays that have been experienced in the court will still likely push the lawsuit sometime to 2023.

FinanceFeed shares:

In a somewhat surprising attempt to prevent the documents from being handed over to the SEC, the agency was able to be granted an extension to argue for the judge to reconsider her decision.

The continued delays in the SEC v. Ripple lawsuit could push the timeline to 2023 and attorney Jeremy Hogan shared a video where he questions if the SEC’s delay tactics are a mere pressure play or if they are hiding “something really bad” that would end the lawsuit right away.

Now that Judge Analisa Torres is back in action, major rulings are expected to be made at a faster pace. If Hogan’s suspicions prove to be true, if the court chooses to maintain its decision on the DPP matter, the lawsuit would end faster than expected and the XRP holdings would be unfrozen.

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