Ripple Legal Counsel Withdraws

December 17, 2022 9:22 pm Comments

The ongoing Ripple v SEC lawsuit has reportedly entered into the home stretch.

Despite this, we are still seeing twists, turns, and new developments in the ongoing litigation. Attorney Nicole Tatz recently filed a motion to withdraw as legal representation for Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse.

A new amicus curiae has also been filed on behalf of Ripple, even as the lawsuit seems to be winding down and in its final stages…

According to attorney James K. Filan, Tatz is withdrawing because she is no longer at the law firm taking on the case:

U Today reports:

In the Ripple-SEC case, motions for summary judgment have now been fully briefed, as the final submission has already been made. Ripple is asking the judge to rule in its favor, with the verdict expected in early 2023, according to James K. Filan’s prediction.

Meanwhile, attorney Jeremy Hogan is speculating who will win, as the ongoing lawsuit has entered into its final, home stretch; Hogan announced that the final legal briefs were filed on December 9th:

Recently, a newcomer has filed an amicus curiae, or ‘friend of the court’, in order to provide testimony and aid on behalf of Ripple labs. James K. Filan announced:


Bitcoinist had more on the most recent amicus filing on behalf of Ripple:

Seira is requesting to appear as pro hac vice on behalf of Paradigm Operations LP in the case.

Pro hac vice is the legal term for adding an attorney to a case in a state where they are not authorized to do so so long as they do not engage in unauthorized legal practice.

Paradigm is a company that backs digital assets-related and Web3 firms. It noted in its motion that the SEC crosses certain boundaries in the lawsuit.

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