Ripple Listing Coming Soon, Insiders Say…

June 4, 2023 12:47 pm Comments

Ripple has been making a lot of moves over the past month.

ProCoin News recently reported on Ripple’s partnership with Fubon Bank in Hong Kong. The partnership will focus on a pilot program to bring real-world tokenized assets, like real estate, on-chain.

Additionally, Ripple’s acquisition of Metaco—a custodial company, is a major development that cannot be ignored. …

These recent moves and developments aren’t characteristic of a company that expects to lose a major lawsuit. Considering these background factors, it is no wonder why rumors of a potential IPO of Ripple Labs are in the air.

Linda P. Jones gave her outlook on Ripple’s potential valuation during a recent podcast with Digital Perspectives:

Crypto journalist Eleanor Terrett provided more details on a potential Ripple IPO:

Attorney John Deaton weighed in on Ripple’s potential valuation, as reported by Coinpedia:

Ripple’s internal worth was pegged at $15 billion when it repurchased shares from its third series of investors. This estimate hinged on Ripple’s possession of 45 billion XRP tokens. Deaton conjectured that should the value of XRP rise to $2 per token, Ripple could see its valuation skyrocket to a staggering $100 billion.

The Digital Asset Investor shared this image of the Nasdaq exchange facade in New York City. Pictured on the facade of the world’s premier tech stock exchange is a congratulatory message that reads: “Nasdaq congratulates Ripple on their acquisition of Metaco”.

Rene David, the Twitter user who initially shared the photo, asked: “Why would Nasdaq do this?

Ripple is not a publicly listed company, why would they congratulate them on this unless something is in the works between the blockchain giant and the Nasdaq exchange?

ZY Crypto relayed Jones’ perspective:

Jones performed an initial assessment to approximate the potential stock value of Ripple. Using the latest data from private investments firm Linqto, she determined Ripple’s current share price to be $35, which corresponds to a valuation of $5.7 billion.

Linqto offers interested investors the opportunity to purchase stocks before the company goes public in an IPO. However, Jones highlighted a disparity in Linqto’s valuation, suggesting that it seems disproportionately low when considering Ripple’s historical performance and its significant holdings of XRP.

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