Ripple Pushes CBDCs In New Whitepaper

December 16, 2023 12:06 pm Comments

Ripple continues to push for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) via a new whitepaper it recently published.

Central bank digital currencies would give governments and other centralized authorities unprecedented power in controlling both the monetary supply and their citizens in an absolute way. We should always be wary of these technologies and any initiative pushing central bank digital currencies.

While there is currently strong pushback in the United States against a central bank digital currency, not all sovereignties and territories have gone on the offensive against CBDCs.

One such nation is the country of Palau, where Ripple has been conducting a pilot test of a CBDC for Palau based on the XRPL.

Palau’s Ministry of Finance claimed the first phase of the test was successful and has indicated that they wish to move forward to the next phases of testing. Here are the latest updates:

Crypto Intelligence noted Ripple’s roadblocks to establishing a CBDC:

A conspicuous challenge is the absence of a consistent global regulatory framework governing these digital currencies.

Additional roadblocks include the limited adoption of CBDCs among end-users, insufficient consumer education, apprehensions regarding privacy and security, the necessity for digital identity verification, interoperability issues among different CBDCs, and the requirement for offline access to transactions.

Cryptopolitan had more on the Palau stablecoin pilot:

With Ripple continuing as a technical partner, Phase 2 aims to expand the digital ecosystem and increase user engagement.

This phase will prioritize regulatory compliance and sustainable development goals, addressing challenges specific to Palau, such as the high cost of mobile data and the logistical complexities of moving fiat currency across its 340 islands.

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