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Ripple Says It Expects To Win The SEC Lawsuit, Planning To Go Public!

January 27, 2022 9:32 pm Comments

I’m about to show you how many big revelations can be packed into just a two minute news clip.

Fox Business continues to lead the way amidst the “Mainsteam Media” in covering the Ripple/SEC lawsuit and the Ethereum Free Pass scandal.

Leading the way may actually be an understatement: they continue to be one of the only sources in the MSM to be covering the story (other than ProCoinNews, of course).

And today they had another report that dropped a couple big bombshells.

First, Charles Gasparino confirmed that his sources at Ripple are telling him that if they do win the SEC lawsuit they plan to go public “immediately afterwards”.

Second, they feel very confident they are going to win the case and that’s why they are buying back the shares.

Watch the short clip right here:

And here is a backup source if needed:

Now let’s analyze what this means…

Buying back shares is always an incredibly bullish signal about a company.

After all, if the company feels the BEST investment of its dollars is to buy back shares of the company, that tells you a lot.

But more than that, this gives a massive indication about how Ripple feels about their chances in the SEC lawsuit.

In order to go public “immediately after winning the lawsuit” as Gasparino reported, Ripple will have to do major groundwork now to be ready.

Going public is not something you can simply flip a switch and do at a moment’s notice.

No, it takes several months of preparation, filings, attorneys, investment bankers and a whole lot more.

This is a BIG process and if Ripple expects to go public immediately after winning, then that just told us something massive: they’re almost certainly already spending significant time and money getting things ready.

And that is not something you do unless you have an extremely high confidence level that you are going to win.

Or unless….”all the world’s a stage” and the ending has already been written?

Just throwing that out there.

Meanwhile, while the XRP Community seems appreciative of Gasparino and fellow Fox Business reporter Eleanor Terrett for covering this story, some are losing patience with Gasparino for continuing to get basic facts wrong or to make statements like this — courtesy of Anders L:

We had the same thought when first listening to this clip.

That seems like an oddly placed opinion from the reporter rather than a well-sourced allegation.

Also, it does not make any sense and appears to confuse the issue of Ripple equity and XRP tokens.

Until the buyback, Ripple has been raising funds by selling equity in the company.

It stopped all sales of XRP except for those from the regularly-scheduled escrow, which has been in existence for years.

Gasparino seems to have completely missed the ball on this one.

Others called him out for this:

It’s amazing what you can learn in two minutes!

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