Ripple-SEC Settlement Talk CONFIRMED!

December 15, 2021 9:06 pm Comments

Big shout out to Stefan Huber for uncovering a real gem.

So far I haven’t seen this get much publicity but it was a great find!

Pursuant to an order filed in the case, the attorneys for Ripple and the SEC are court-ordered to meet face-to-face (or by video conference — not doubt Gary will not leave his living room) for at least one hour to discuss settlement!

This must occur within 14 days of the close of fact discovery.

Here was Stefan Huber’s tweet that broke the story:

And here is a zoom in to read it better:

Even Mr. Intuitive was impressed, and it takes a LOT to impress the official cool guy:

And from CryptoBull:

And one more:

So what do you think?

Will it just be a dog and pony show, or will something come of this?

Or….is the settlement cake already baked?

That’s what BitBoy thinks, and while his September/October date did not come to pass, he remains adamant that his story is correct and the settlement is already a done deal:


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