Ripple Secures Partnership With CrossTower To Launch NFT Marketplace On XRPL

July 15, 2022 5:44 pm Comments

It was recently revealed that blockchain company Ripple has secured a new partnership with digital assets exchange CrossTower that will allow for the launch of a new NFT marketplace on the XRP ledger.

This marks a significant expansion into the NFT industry which may benefit Ripple in the future given the high growth potential of this industry.

As part of this partnership, XRPL minted NFTs will be available as part of the CrossTower NFT marketplace and Ripple will be playing an active role in providing technical support.

CrossTower is also known as a Web3.0 exchange and is not new to the industry as the exchange was already launched back in 2019.

DailyHodl reports:

“CrossTower will facilitate minting and trading of NFTs with Ripple as blockchain partner providing technical support on the XRP Ledger (XRPL) blockchain.

CrossTower’s marketplace makes it easy for developers and creators to onboard their projects, accelerating time to market.”

CrossTower is a Web 3.0 exchange founded in 2019 and based out of Jersey City, New Jersey.

Says CrossTower CEO Kapil Rathi of the partnership,

“We are thrilled to partner with Ripple and build our Web3.0 platform on the XRPL. Ripple’s commitment to building a developer network in India is particularly exciting for CrossTower as we are committed to developing India’s blockchain talent.

We look forward to the growth of our global NFT platform.”

This is not the first partnership that Ripple had landed where the company got more involved within the NFT space as the company has had previous NFT partnerships before.

Just recently, Ripple had partnered with British luxury car maker Lotus where the firm would be bringing Lotus NFTs to the XRPL.

The purpose of that partnership was to Lotus Cars to a new digital environment where creators and collectors can interact with Lotus collectibles.

With two solid partnerships in the NFT space in the past few months, it seems that this will likely help accelerate the mainstream adoption of XRPL. reports:

According to CrossTower CEO Kapil Rathi, the collaboration

We are ecstatic to work with Ripple and develop our Web3.0 platform on the XRPL. For CrossTower, who is dedicated to nurturing India’s blockchain expertise, Ripple’s promise to establishing a developer network in that country is very exciting. We anticipate our global NFT platform expanding.

In order to deliver Lotus NFTs to the XRPL, British luxury automobile manufacturer Lotus also revealed an NFT agreement with Ripple last month.

“With the upcoming debut of the Lotus NFTs on the XRPL, artists and collectors may come together and experience Lotus Cars in a new and exciting environment, featuring special benefits that are only available to holders of the Lotus NFTs.”

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