Ripple Teams Up To Save Environment

October 4, 2022 11:50 am Comments

No one can say that Ripple isn’t doing its fair share to save the environment.

The company announced on Monday that it will be collaborating with web 3.0 firm Thallo, to build a marketplace for trading carbon credits, utilizing the XRP ledger.

Currently, many carbon markets are highly inefficient and suffer from pricing problems.

Ripple’s lightning-fast protocol coupled with Thallo’s niche expertise in the space aims to be the remedy to this burgeoning market in the 21st century.

As a protocol, XRPL is already a carbon-neutral product—setting an example by practicing what the firm preaches.

Here’s more on this latest development:

Crypto Slate writes:

Thallo’s efforts to contribute to the carbon market to increase liquidity, scalability and price access align with Ripple’s commitment to bolster carbon neutrality in the crypto sector.

Ripple’s XRPL is already carbon-neutral, and the company takes initiatives to increase green energy projects.


Thallo states via a press release:

Founding Partners, including Ripple, Climate Collective and a number of carbon project developers, are close strategic partners, working with Thallo across the value chain to support the development and execution of the flagship Thallo carbon marketplace.

These partners are also critical to enabling Thallo to reach its North Star: providing the best platform for project developers.

Thallo will continue to grow its listing of Integrity Partners: associations, non-profits and academic institutions with the shared goal of scaling carbon markets with integrity.

Thallo will also continue building its network of Innovation Partners: cutting-edge companies working on key aspects of the markets, from digital MRV to forward financing to on-the-ground community participation.

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