Ripple V SEC Lawsuit Enters Final Phase Of Case

August 11, 2023 12:41 pm Comments

Ripple made history and set a legal precedent through its substantive victory against the SEC in the Ripple V SEC lawsuit. …

However, it should be noted that the lawsuit is not actually over just yet.

According to recent court documents, Judge Analisa Torres has set a final date for both parties to agree on blackout dates for the case.

On August 23, 2023, both Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission will submit their respective dates.

CryptoLaw had more details on the latest development:

Coin Telegraph reports:

On Aug. 9, the SEC sent a letter to Judge Analisa Torres stating that it was moving to appeal the court decision, which it says warrants a fresh look by an appellate court. The SEC asked the judge to put the case on hold while the appeal is in progress.

The SEC’s move to appeal sparked questions among community members, with some thinking that the SEC’s move to appeal is a move to challenge the “non-security” status of XRP. However, crypto lawyers assured the community that this is not the case.

Anders X reminds readers what the Ripple V SEC lawsuit is really about: “What the SEC vs Ripple lawsuit is really about. Remove the friction, remove the revenue. Open up for new competition, lower the barriers of entry. Gensler is a Wall Street puppet.”


Whale Wire echoed a similar sentiment:

“The SEC’s attempt to destroy Ripple in 2021 with false claims backfired, revealing its own corruption, after they embarrassingly lost the lawsuit.

Despite the judge ruling in favor of Ripple, SEC’s desperation to overturn this decision showcases its disregard for the law.”


The Crypto Basic provided a current price analysis for XRP:

XRP’s previous all-time high sits at around $3.4. The coin is down 81.67% from its ATH and currently trades at $0.623.

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