Ripple V SEC Settlement Coming TODAY?

February 9, 2023 12:21 pm Comments

Speculation is running wild due to a recent scoop from Fox News contributor Eleanor Terrett:

The Ripple V SEC Lawsuit has been raging for over 2 years now, and while the case has entered the final phases, attorneys like Jeremy Hogan and John Deaton have told eagerly awaiting investors that a resolution to the case won’t come until the end of March at the earliest.

That could all change if Terrett’s hunch is correct and the meeting at 2 PM today concerns a settlement between the Securities and Exchange Commission and Ripple Labs.

Others have speculated that the meeting could, in fact, concern a settlement between the SEC and Kraken.

We will bring you more updates as they become available, until then rumors and speculation continue to permeate the subject of the embittered lawsuit:

Bitcoinist asks readers to consider:

LBRY’s recent partial victory in its case against the SEC may have been a game-changer. The SEC was forced to admit live on tape that secondary market sales do not constitute securities transactions. Still, it remains pure speculation whether the SEC’s announcement will revolve around Ripple’s case.


U Today explains:

According to CryptoLaw founder John E. Deaton, a settlement might come after a verdict from the ruling judge. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said the settlement with the SEC could only be considered if the XRP is deemed a nonsecurity.

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