RippleNet Continues To Expand Throughout Europe As Modulr Scores New Deal

June 12, 2022 1:07 pm Comments

Ripple is continuing to expand its network internationally as demand for its platform and services continues to skyrocket this year.

Most recently, Modulr has scored a new deal with Brazilian fintech company Remessa Online which will essentially allow the company to expand its cross-border payments services across the UK and the rest of Europe.

This is positive news because Modulr utilizes RippleNet in order to power its solutions for enabling seamless payments for the UK and Europe.

Its Euro payments service performs transactions in real-time and makes it extremely competitive as a fintech solution in the current European market.

As a result, Modulr being able to get this new deal with Remessa will accelerate the adoption of RippleNet all throughout the world. reports:

As shared by the MD of RippleNet Europe, Sendi Young, RippleNet continues to expand as cross-border payments from Brazil powered by Ripple and Modulr arrive in the U.K. and Europe.

According to a report by the Fintech Finance news website, a Brazilian fintech company, Remessa Online, has chosen Modulr to accelerate cross-border payments across the U.K. and Europe.

Modulr also recently introduced its real-time Euro payments service, which is based on the real-time pan-European SEPA Instant scheme and offers European firms considerable competitive advantages.

While speaking with CNBC’s Squawk Box, Sendi Young maintained that the last 18 months have been the strongest for the company despite the ongoing SEC lawsuit.

It is also quite intriguing to see mainstream online sources also start to take notice of the fact that the most tremendous growth for Ripple has happened during the time that it has been entangled in a lawsuit with the SEC.

As a result, this indicates that the blockchain project is already positioned to succeed with or without the support of the SEC.

To make it even better, the lawsuit developments have been showing that the odds are in Ripple’s favor which could quite likely make this the lawsuit of the century for many crypto investors.

Just recently, the SEC has been denied their motion to seal all their replies to the amius request to participate in the Daubert challenge. concludes:

Although still under seal, Ripple has submitted a letter requesting that its full reply be made public. The documents filed by the SEC and Ripple defendants will be kept secret until District Judge Torres decides whether or not they should be made public.

In May, Cryptolaw founder John Deaton requested that the court file a brief in the Dobert challenge relating to the opinion of expert SEC witness Patrick Doody, who claimed to know what prompted XRP holders to buy the asset.

In another update, the SEC filed a letter requesting that the court seal a portion of Exhibit A regarding the inadequacy of the SEC’s responses to the fourth set of requests for entry in the Ripple defendants’ latest filing. done, to which Ripple does not object.

With this, more information will be shown to the court which will likely damage the SEC’s position in the lawsuit.

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