Robert Kiyosaki Calls Out SBF And Former Allies

October 28, 2023 12:10 pm Comments

A wise man once said: “You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

This sagacious adage best sums up the saga of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried, but many in the financial world are still asking how and why.

One such figure is famed investor and financial educator Robert Kiyosaki. Kiyosaki posted this to X social on Friday:

“SAM BANKMAN FRIED fooled some most famous investors in the world, investors such as Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary & CNBC’s Jim Kramer.

Wonder if SBF will fool judge and jury the way our Fed Chairman and Treasury Secretary are fooling the world?

Are we a SHIP of FOOLS or is it time we wake up, get smart, and say “Our World is in financial trouble because of your financial incompetence? Keep your hands off our money.”

Kiyosaki also called out Kevin O’Leary late last year: “Mr. WONDERFUL Kevin O’Leary doesn’t look so “wonderful” after being a spokesman for SBF Sam Bankman Fraud who paid him $15 M. Sad. Learn from Kevin’s mistake: “Your reputation is worth more than money.”

In the initial days following the collapse of FTX, Kevin O’Leary defended Sam Bankman-Fried and even stated that he would invest with the young CEO again.

Cryptopolitan had this to say about Kiyosaki:

Regarding cryptocurrency, Kiyosaki’s stance on Bitcoin remains bullish despite market fluctuations.

He predicted a Bitcoin ascent to $500,000 by 2025, though his recent statements suggest a more conservative immediate target of $135,000.

Kiyosaki also detailed the collapse of FTX late last year and provided a breakdown of the disaster that rocked the crypto world.

According to Finbold, SBF told the court he knew nothing about digital assets when he started FTX:

“I had absolutely no idea how they worked…I just knew they were things you could trade. There was a ton of excitement, a ton of demand…”

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