Ron DeSantis Launches Pro-Crypto Presidential Campaign On Twitter

May 26, 2023 2:38 pm Comments

Florida governor Ron DeSantis just launched his 2024 presidential campaign and has made a campaign promise to “protect” Bitcoin if elected.

This is not the first time that a candidate has shared a pro-crypto stance, but Ron DeSantis deciding to support crypto means that there are now more pro-crypto candidates that could possibly be elected.

DeSantis launched his campaign during a Twitter broadcast that had around 520,000 live listeners and made many remarks on crypto during the livestream.

He also made comments such as the fact that Bitcoin is a fundamental right for everyone and the only reason why the people in Washington doesn’t like it is because they are not able to control it.

By framing it in that way, DeSantis has shared the stance that Bitcoin is able to provide the financial freedom that the current system lacks.

CoinTelegraph reports:

The Florida governor also hinted at the jurisdictional battle being waged by the Securities and Exchange Commission over cryptocurrencies.

Gary Gensler, the current chair of the securities regulator, has long claimed his agency has authority over the crypto space.

DeSantis said as Congress had “never addressed” cryptocurrencies, “the bureaucracy” — likely referencing the SEC — had “to just do it on their own” and made it so “that people can not operate in that space.”

“I just don’t have an itch to have to control everything that people may be doing in this space, and I think that the current regime — clearly they have it out for Bitcoin.”

Given that DeSantis is pro-crypto and pro-Bitcoin, he was also very transparent about his stance against central bank digital currencies.

Previously, he had passed a bill in Florida that would ban all CBDCs within the state which would be an obstacle for a national CBDC.

Some are hoping that other states will follow the same steps as Florida, but it is unclear how the CBDC situation will unfold in the country.

Other pro-crypto candidates include Robert F. Kennedy who was the first candidate in history to accept Bitcoin for campaign donations.

CoinDesk concludes:

In a recent interview with CoinDesk, Samuel Armes, president of the Florida Blockchain Business Association, which helped draft DeSantis’ anti-CBDC bill, said that DeSantis’ office has gotten more phone calls about CBDCs than any of the usual issues.

A recent poll from Quinnipiac University shows that DeSantis still trails former president Donald Trump among Republican and Republican-leaning voters, with 56% supporting Trump followed by 25% for DeSantis.

DeSantis isn’t the first Republican candidate to mention bitcoin. Former pharma entrepreneur and longshot contender Vivek Ramaswamy said onstage at Bitcoin 2023 in Miami that the next election should be a “referendum of fiat currency” and has also come out against CBDCs with a “hell no.”

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