Rumors Swirling About DIVI, Move To $3 Imminent?

December 1, 2021 3:57 pm Comments

No, this is not a paid advertisement (although for full disclosure, the writer of this article has owned DIVI since early 2020).

And no, DIVI has not given anything of value for this article….although we’d love to interview CEO Nick Saponaro any time he wants to come on and chat!  (We hear he’s a little busy in Dubai at the moment, but more on that in a bit.)

No, we cover the news here at ProCoinNews and right now something is happening with DIVI.

Is it big?

“Ten times bigger than you think it is” big?

We’ll find out very soon.

For now, we had to cover what’s happening because there is a lot happening with this coin right now.

Currently ranked at #178 on CoinMarketCap, DIVI is trading at about $0.14 at the time this article heads to press.

About two weeks ago, a Twitter account called @ButWhenMoon (bonus points for the name) began aggressively promoting DIVI and saying something big was coming.

If we wrote an article every time that happened in crypto, our keyboards would explode.

That’s not all that interesting or unique.

What IS interesting and unique and now worth taking notice of is the fact that not only did he appear to be right, even the normally soft-spoken, anti-hype CEO of DIVI, Nick Saponaro, is dropping as many hints as he can.

Let’s start about 3-4 weeks ago and walk through the timeline…

From November 12, this was one of the first Tweets from @ButWhenMoon shouting from the rooftop that something big was coming for DIVI:

They continued fast and furious saying a 50x move was coming soon to the $2 range:

He said to buy at $0.06:

He said to buy at $0.10:

Again, not that interesting as price predictions on Twitter are literally worth less than a dime-a-dozen.

But then we started to see hints of “institutional buy in” and even coverage by Forbes:

And on the heels of Forbes was coverage by the Nasdaq:

The article was written by Saparino and published by the Nasdaq.

Here is a portion:

For me there are five things that have to happen to make this possible:

  1. User experiences that are engineered for humans. Even experienced enthusiasts rail against the challenge of using crypto services. The cryptic, long-winded addresses are a good case in point. It’s too easy to get something wrong, which means the risk of losing money remains too high.
  2. Easy onboarding. All too often the user is bombarded with complexity at the beginning of their journey. If we don’t make onboarding easy, the market will continue to turn to centralized services. Crypto needs to learn the lessons of fintech and present the user with an onboarding experience that is familiar, quick and easy.
  3. Reducing the cost of using crypto. Whether it’s gas fees, fiat conversion costs or tax, the cost of using crypto today is too high. The number of companies accepting crypto payments is increasing but when the cost of using digital currencies can be more than the cost of the goods or service themselves, we clearly have a problem.
  4. We need products that seamlessly connect the decentralized and centralized worlds together. You should be able to move your money between the two domains on-demand and enjoy the benefits that both offer.
  5. Make earning with crypto easy. Setting up a masternode or staking your coins is an excellent way to build an income, especially with the threat of high inflation and the dollar losing its value. But doing it yourself demands a high level of technical expertise. These services should be available at the press of a button and not require a master’s degree to operate.

Ultimately, the fate and success of decentralized crypto services is in the hands of the industry, and it is up to us to drive mass adoption.

Nick Saponaro is the co-founder and CEO of the Divi Project, a decentralized payment ecosystem that’s on a mission to improve people’s lives by making crypto easy and accelerating its mainstream adoption.

A dedicated proponent of the founding principles of the crypto movement as set out by its originator Satoshi Nakamoto, Nick is working towards the delivery of a new paradigm for financial services. One that is truly decentralized, accessible to all, and works for everyone.

@ButWhenMoon then said $0.10 would soon fall and upped his 2022 target to $3:

Still, we’re probably not covering this story at ProCoinNews if that’s all there is.

News then started to drop that an announcement was imminent:

Even tight-lipped CEO Saparino started dropping hints:

And this:

And this:

And this:

Which appears to stand for:  If You Know, You Know.

Saparino is currently in Dubai purportedly finalizing the “huge deal”:

Back to @ButWhenMoon, who continued to up the ante on 11/30/21:

He then stated the announcement was not just one single announcement of a solo event but several that would work together in an eco-system:

Even at this point, this probably isn’t a story we’re covering until we hit this final part.

According to @ButWhenMoon, the announcement will involve the “largest direct partnership in all of crypto to date — ever”.

That is a stunning “call your shot” moment and we are now watching and reporting:

Yes, that would mean larger than the recent $700M deal on the old Staples Center:

@ButWhenMoon followed up with this Tweet giving more details as the news release is now “imminent”.

Take a look:

Now this really is a stunning proclamation given the current estimated population of planet Earth is 7.753 billion people!

We actually Tweeted a reply ourselves earlier today:

So what draws eyeballs of ONE BILLION per week?

Not the NCAA Final Four – that’s only 16.9 million for this year:

Not even the Super Bowel, that’s only 96.4 million.

And those are both one-time events.

This announcement says “weekly”.

Others have speculated it could be cell phones, Apple or Google:

Perhaps a Coinbase listing?

This writer wonders if it’s a partnership with a Soccer league (or Futbol as the Euros say).

Are those games weekly?

Do they draw one billion eyeballs?

Saparino is overseas right now as he issues these Tweets, which leads credence to the idea that it’s a European of Mid-East partnership of some kind.

And speaking of Saparino, let’s end with his own words.

From his “Live At Five” last month, here is CEO Nick Saparino saying he is under NDA and cannot give the exact announcement just yet, but that you should imagine whatever you think is big and quote:

“It’s ten times bigger than that.”

Yes folks, a CEO who is normally extremely tight-lipped and not wanting to engage in any hype, just said those words.

Watch for yourself here:

Our friends over at DiviResearch published this article recently that I would encourage you to read in its entirety.

But here is a snippet, focusing on what is apparently an entirely different driver — the recently announced DIVI/telecom deal:

We learn here that a telecom wants to license Divi technology to subsidize the cost of data in developing nations. The cost of the 4G/LTE data is subsidized by the Divi node that is on the device. The company has “many many” customers. This “opens the doors to millions of customers for Divi.” Nick also says, “It was very difficult to close,” meaning that this is a done deal.

It is with this context last night Nick answered this question from the AMA, “Will the nodes on the cellphones for the telecom deal be simply using Divi licensed technology, or will they also be using the Divi coin. Answer: “They will be using the Divi coin.” I would love to have a recording of this for you, but it was a Twitter Spaces conversation, and no recording was made. Pop on over to the telegram community to chat with many people who heard this first hand.

What does this mean? Well, this morning we have been crunching the numbers. If the telecom only were to subsidize 2 million customers (the absolute minimum for what Nick calls millions) and they only subsidize the data at $1 per month, then at a current Divi price of $0.07 this would mean investing $120,000,000 into Divi, to buy 1.7 Billion Divi. With Divi’s current market cap at $205 million, this would be a significant influx, bringing Divi from a top 300 market cap coin to a top 200 market cap coin.

Currently, Divi has a circulating supply of 2.6 billion, with 1.3 billion of that allocated to master nodes, and approximately 72% of the remaining assigned to staking nodes. Even in this most conservative set of numbers, the telecom would need to purchase more than all available (non-master-node) coins. Historically, on 11/04/2021 we see Divi’s price double on just 6 million buying volume on KuCoin, their largest exchange by volume. The volume needed to meet demand is 283 times the previous doubling volume of Divi. Analysis suggests that this conservative influx of buying pressure could bring 20x price action to Divi in the near term.

More realistically, if the telecom only were to subsidize 2 million customers and they subsidize the data at $5 per month (roughly cutting the consumer price by 1/3), then at a current Divi price of $0.07 this would mean investing $600,000,000 into Divi, to buy 8.5 Billion Divi.

Given this more realistic set of numbers, the telecom would need to purchase six times more than all available (non-master-node) coins. Any historical analysis becomes meaningless with this type of demand. Analysis suggests that this realistic influx of buying pressure could bring 200x price action to Divi in the near term.

With so many people saying the announcement is imminent, we’ll be watching and we’ll report back.


Even @DiviWallet is now teasing the announcement:

One reader asks if the announcement is a Coinbase and Binance listing and @DiviWallet replies:  “Bigger”.

Oh my.


That folks is not some random Twitter account, that is the official @DiviWallet account.

Now it’s just getting ridiculous.

Looks like we should know in the next 24 hours or less…

We’ll continue to report here at ProCoinNews.

In the meantime, if anyone wants a deep dive into how DIVI works and the tech behind it, we’ll leave you with this long-form breakdown by Saparino, where you can see he is not the type prone to hype.


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