Russian Hackers Responsible For FTX Breach?

October 13, 2023 3:33 pm Comments

Last November, FTX suffered a $400 million breach from an unknown attacker.

On-chain sleuths had their various suspects in mind, ranging from disgruntled employees of the now-defunct exchange to the North Korean Lazarus Group.

Now, on-chain analysts have narrowed down the potential suspects and traced some of the stolen funds back to Russia.

Analysts claim that the hacker converted a portion of the loot using RenBridge and then later put the funds through a tumbler to further mask addresses.

It remains to be seen if any of the funds will be recovered, here’s what is currently being reported:

According to CoinDesk:

“Of the 4,536 Bitcoins converted from ether at RenBridge, 2,849 BTC was sent through mixers, predominantly a service called ChipMixer,” Ellipic said.

“Tracing these assets becomes more challenging, however at least $4 million was transferred to exchanges, where it may have been cashed out.”

One user offered this alternative theory: “FTX hack was not inside job. hackers likely had access to the keys for weeks or months. probably russian group. has def hacked cex’s + successfully laundered crypto before.”

Chain Affairs writes: “The plot thickens in the FTX stolen funds case! Elliptic’s analysis points towards Russian hackers as potential culprits, challenging the initial suspicion of North Korean Lazarus Group involvement.”

Crypto Potato added this to the conversation:

There is speculation that the perpetrators could have made off with a larger sum if not for the swift action taken by FTX staff and bankruptcy advisors.

They successfully safeguarded assets of over $300 million before the thief had a chance to gain access to them.

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