Sam Bankman-Fried To Testify?

October 24, 2023 4:25 pm Comments

Will Sam Bankman-Fried actually testify as part of his ongoing criminal trial?

This is a question that has been hot on the minds of everyone following or reporting on the case, though it is not apparent that even Bankman-Fried knows the answer to that question.

Several former FTX executives have already testified against the former CEO, including his former girlfriend and boss at Alameda Research Caroline Ellison.

Inner City Press has been following the trial, live from New York, since the outset. The outlet previously reported:

“SBF Sunday night filing – re-request for trial day Adderall so he can decide whether to testify: “As we approach the decision of whether Mr. Bankrnan-Fried will testify… because of his lack of access to Adderall he has not been able to concentrate.”

Cryptopolitan explained:

There is a notable chance that Bankman-Fried may decide to take the risk of testifying, even though it is a massive gamble.

Daniel C. Silva, a former assistant U.S. attorney, suggests that Bankman-Fried might feel that a prison sentence is inevitable, regardless of his testimony.

The potential downside, such as facing additional prison time if caught lying under oath, may be outweighed by the opportunity to sway a juror in his favor.

Attorney Sam Enzer recently told CoinDesk that he thinks Bankman-Fried will likely testify as part of his ongoing criminal trial, though Enzer believes this would be a poor choice.

Senior crypto reporter at Tech Crunch Jacquelyn Melinek provided this update:

“The SBF trial is on recess until Oct 26. Prosecutors said its last 3 potential witnesses are an FBI agent, an investor, and a customer. Then “if there’s a defense case, it’ll be 1 week or less,” SBF’s lawyer said. The defense team didn’t clarify if SBF will testify or not.”

CoinDesk likewise reported:

Other witnesses may testify if they have a direct role or connection with FTX. The defense has not yet said if Bankman-Fried himself will testify.

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