SBF UPDATE: Here Are The Results Of The Latest Pretrial Motion

September 28, 2023 12:50 pm Comments

Sam Bankman-Fried has been requesting pretrial release since he was detained by U.S. authorities.

Attorneys for the former CEO filed yet another motion to have Bankman-Fried released ahead of his trial, set to begin on October 3 of this year, and the request was once again denied.

Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled that the disgraced Bankman-Fried will remain in jail until the start of the trial and likely beyond that as well.

New York Daily News had the scoop: “A New York appeals court signaled it was unlikely to release Sam Bankman-Fried from jail pretrial. One judge quipped that Bankman-Fried had made the bed “he’s sleeping in” when he leaked the digital diary of the star witness in his case.”

Crypto Potato confirmed the time and date of the trial: “His trial is scheduled to start on October 3rd, in Manhattan.”

Coin Telegraph reports:

Kaplan reportedly suggested that SBF might be a flight risk if “things begin to look bleak” at trial, considering his age and potential prison time. Though the judge denied SBF early release, he added that the former FTX CEO will have the opportunity to arrive court early on certain days to confer with his legal team.

According to Watcher Guru: “SBF’s mom encouraged him to avoid disclosing several illegal political donations using stolen customer funds, FTX lawsuit says.”

Court reporter Ben Feuerherd explained: “Kaplan orders SBF to be produced at 7 a.m. at the courthouse on days there is testimony in the trial or there was testimony the previous trial day.”

Conversely, The Block shared some positive developments for the former FTX CEO:

Bankman-Fried did score some wins this week, after the judge approved a request that will allow him to change into a suit each morning of his trial. He will also be able to use a laptop in the courtroom, but it won’t be connected to the internet.

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