SBF’s Sentence REVEALED, Early Release Likely?

March 28, 2024 11:17 pm Comments

Sam Bankman-Fried was recently sentenced by the courts, but was justice truly served?

The former CEO of FTX was given 25 years behind bars—a far cry from the maximum 40-year sentence he could have served.

However, at least one legal expert claimed that it is unlikely that the disgraced CEO will even serve that amount of time.

Meta Law Man provided more analysis of the situation and claimed that the next steps in SBF’s ongoing saga are:

“Next steps. 1. SBF will appeal the conviction & sentence. 2. The Effective Altruism crowd will begin a lobbying effort to Biden Admin to pardon or commute the sentence.
3. Federal convicts can expect to serve 85% of their sentence.”

CNBC confirmed Fried’s sentence and the hefty sum of $11 billion he must forfeit to the U.S. government:

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried was sentenced to 25 years in prison on Thursday for the massive fraud and conspiracy that doomed his cryptocurrency exchange and a related hedge fund, Alameda Research.

Coin Telegraph revealed this related news: “SBF-related memecoins charted a massive rise and fall on Thursday as the fallen “crypto king” was handed 25 years in prison.”

Reuters provided this statement from Judge Lewis Kaplan:

“He knew it was wrong,” Kaplan said. “He knew it was criminal. He regrets that he made a very bad bet about the likelihood of getting caught. But he is not going to admit a thing, as is his right.”

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