SCRUBBED: WEF REMOVES All Mentions About FTX On Its Website

November 14, 2022 10:51 am Comments

The World Economic Forum has some major explaining to do.

As previously reported by Procoinnews, the World Economic Forum had an official partnership with FTX.

As most of you know by now FTX which at one time was the 4th largest cryptocurrency exchange in the World has filed for bankruptcy.

After the major crash, journalist Jack Posobiec pointed out FTX’s shady ties to the WEF.

Take a look:

Now the WEF has scrubbed its partnership page with FTX on its site.


Musk even chimed in:

Jake Shields noticed the WEF, a perfect ESG score.

Essentially Sports had more on the story:

Former MMA fighter and Strikeforce Middleweight champion Jake Shields has taken a dig at the Cryptocurrency website FTX on Twitter. World Economic Forum (WEF) recently gave FTX high ratings on leadership and governance. The ratings, however, came under fire.

FTX has been on a downward spiral in recent times. Authorities are investigating FTX to find out if they are involved in an economic inconsistency or criminal offense. The cryptocurrency exchange suffered an enormous loss of customers as the news broke out about FTX not having enough liquid assets to cover up withdrawals.

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