SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s Public Calendar Is Now Released

May 5, 2022 1:21 pm Comments

On the SEC’s website, the committee usually reveals SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s public calendar with a lag time of around 2 to 3 months.

The public calendar typically gives an inside look into Gensler’s work schedule and the types of items that he has on his agenda.

Many have been interested in the calendar as it may potentially indicate what the SEC may be planning on doing or are currently working on from a regulatory perspective.

The crypto community in particular are concerned about the SEC’s recent actions which have been criticized as over-regulating the crypto industry which would stifle innovation and progress within the US.

The public calendar is available at where it shows in depth details on a particular day:

7:00 am Meeting with Financial Stability Board (FSB) Steering Committee on Non-Bank
Financial Intermediation (SCN)
8:30 am Meeting with Staff
9:00 am Meeting with Staff
10:00 am Meeting with Brian Deese, Director, National Economic Council (NEC)
11:30 am Meeting with Staff
12:00 pm Meeting with Staff
1:30 pm Meeting with Staff
2:00 pm Meeting with Staff
3:15 pm Meeting with Staff
2:45 pm Meeting with Staff
4:00 pm Meeting with Commissioner
5:00 pm Meeting with Staff

As one can see, the majority of Gensler’s schedule is filled with “meeting with staff” meetings which pretty much make up the entire day.

These staff meetings also make up the majority of all the calendar days which seems to give very little insight in terms of what these staff meetings are actually discussing.

Some members of the crypto community also believe that the publicly released schedule may not actually be the real schedule.

Empower Oversight is an organization that has also requested such information from the SEC before where many believed that the information that the SEC provided back to them was made as clean as possible.

As a result, that same suspicion is also here where many within the crypto industry believe that the schedule has been cleaned up and is not truthful.

Responses regarding the public revelation of Gensler’s calendar have been largely negative:

“With all those “meeting with staff” he’d have plenty of time to sit down and talk with @HesterPeirce in regards to the safe harbor.”

“Clearly tampered with , nobody has that many staff meetings back to back”

“When does this guy actually work aside from meetings”

“No way that most of the time where staff meetings”

“worth asking for the computer records stating file “last modified”
See how many have dates set After the initial request.”

Upon further analysis, it also appears that the majority of these meetings are online meetings which indicates remote work.

It doesn’t seem that the SEC will be releasing any additional information regarding their operations as this is the most detail that is available on the committee website.

With that being said, the SEC’s recent hiring spree to increase the number of staff on their crypto unit has been quite concerning as it may indicate more enforcement action by the SEC on the crypto industry.

This is continuing to happen even as Congress has started to question the SEC’s authority on the digital assets industry and whether or not they are overstepping their domain.

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