Senate Candidate Shannon Bray Talks With ProCoinNews

November 22, 2021 7:08 pm Comments

American politics was always supposed to be about people who are successful in their careers and successful in business taking a break from their careers to “serve” in public service.

And journalism was always supposed to be about a search for the truth, often by young, inquisitive Americans who don’t just take the official narrative as gospel truth.

We’ve veered far away from these ideals as a country, but this story brings both together.

One of our young reporters here at ProCoinNews sat down (over Zoom) to chat with candidate for the U.S. Senate, Shannon Bray.

Bray has an impressive work history in tech, a long history with the U.S. Navy and he understands blockchain and crypto.

From his website:

Shannon Bray has worked in various information technology roles and has become a leading expert in his field. Shannon believes that his expertise can benefit law makers who may be too distant from technology to understand how to incorporate it properly and how to generate laws around cyberspace.

Shannon has presented at many large technology conferences and has written several books and articles on technology. Shannon has recently released his latest book on cryptography which focuses on information security and the privacy of data.

He’s also a proud member of the SHIB Nation (or is that SHIB Army?).

In the interview, Bray talks about SHIB, XRP, XLM, BTC and a lot more.

He also explains how he’s currently using SHIB for charitable ventures.

In this first clip, they talk about the SEC/Ripple case, and Bray gives his outlook for both XRP and XLM.

Spoiler alert, he says at one point:

“I love the mission of these coins!”

Watch the short clip here:

We have the full interview for you below.


You can find out more about Bray’s run for the U.S. Senate here:

And follow him on Twitter here:

Thanks for chatting with us Shannon, and all the best with your campaign!

We don’t support political parties here on ProCoinNews but we do support the candidates who are PRO-crypto!

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