Shib Can Now Be Bought With USD On Binance

November 20, 2021 2:29 am Comments

In a huge announcement Binance.US has just announced that they will now allow $Shib to be bought with USD.

Binance.US made the big news in a press release that states that $Shib can now be purchased on their buy crypto portal.

After the news was released Shib saw a %14 rise in price and is now currently selling for $0.0000495914.7.

In recent weeks Shib has seen a slight downward trend but that’s mainly because of Biden signing the infrastructure bill into law which contained a hidden crypto rule that would make exchanges reports its users data to the IRS.

Many users on Twitter noticed that Binance has been advertising a lot for Shib in the recent days.

Take a look:

The move by Binance will lead to more holders which will lead to a solid increase in the price of Shib.

Some may argue that it won’t because if someone wanted Shib then by now they would’ve already purchased it with an exchange that listed it already.

However, most beginners in the Crypto realm won’t purchase a coin/token until it’s directly in their face.

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