Shib Receives Good News Despite A Dark Time For Crypto

May 14, 2022 4:10 pm Comments

Shib holders received a glimpse of light recently, during the midst of a dark time for crypto.

While Luna’s downfall has sent the entire market into the red, Shib holders were able to celebrate a small victory after the Middle East exchange Rain decided to list Shiba Inu.

Rain is considered the leading crypto trading venue in the Middle East and after the platform decided to list Shib it sent out a message that altcoins aren’t done yet.

A few weeks ago mainstream financial commentators were deeming Luna as a way better long term investment than Shib but it appears once again meme coins aren’t a “scam” coin after all.

U.Today had these details to add:

After two months of consideration, the leading crypto trading venue in the Middle East, Rain platform, has decided to finally kick off Shiba Inu trading, expanding the meme token’s adoption and trading volume.

Meanwhile, in the past 24 hours, Shiba Inu has registered a rise by 25%. Rain is based in Bahrain. In 2019, it was the first crypto trading platform in the Middle East to be fully licensed after receiving approval from the Central Bank of Bahrain.

In March, the official Twitter account of Rain asked the community if the platform should list the second largest meme token. Now, in a recent tweet, the company announced that it had finally added support for Shiba. Earlier this year, Shiba Inu was also listed on several other platforms, including Parex decentralized exchange and Robinhood trading app.

Besides being listed by Rain, Watcher.Guru also reported that Shib’s Twitter following had amassed over 3.3 million followers.

Which makes it the fourth-most followed cry[tocurrency on Twitter.

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