Silk Road Insider Gets Hefty Prison Sentence…

July 12, 2023 11:48 am Comments

The trial of Roger Clark, known as Variety Jones, had finally concluded. …

According to sources, the former Silk Road insider has been handed down a 20-year prison sentence for his alleged role in advising Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht to hire a hitman.

Clark allegedly advised Ulbricht to order a professional hit on a Silk Road employee who reportedly stole $350,000 from the dark web network.

The crypto community has long defended Ulbricht, who is currently serving two concurrent life sentences in prison, and efforts are currently underway to find some avenue to free Ulbricht.

WIRED journalist Andy Greenberg writes: “In a strange and dramatic sentencing hearing today, the Silk Road saga ended with the legendary dark web market’s second-in-command Variety Jones being sentenced to two decades behind bars.”


Blockworks provided more information:

Ulbricht’s journal, which was used in his case, said Clark was a “real mentor.” Clark helped with the infrastructure of the Silk Road — implementing the rules that governed it, as well as promotions and associated sales. He also helped Ulricht to dodge law enforcement when they began investigating the darknet.

Clark was extradited to the US to face trial from Thailand — where he was imprisoned — in 2018.

True crime writer Eileen Ormsby, who attended Roger Thomas Clark’s trial, shared details of the experience in this lengthy Twitter thread:

The Block recently published this related story; could these wallets have anything to do with Clark?

Around 9,800 bitcoin tied to the Silk Road is on the move, according to two unconfirmed transactions. That would be the largest movement of funds linked to the now shuttered darknet marketplace in months.

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